Thursday, 5 April 2012

Keep those strings away from me!

Met up with some colleagues for lunch from work yesterday and one of the ladies has been dating a fellow workmate for a good few months.  So we was having a good catch up as its the school holidays and we naturally asked how things were going in the romance department..ok translate that as being nosy.

Well i havent laughed so much in ages, we all did but with her not at her, the gentlemen in question is a really nice bloke i work with him a fair bit as he is head of senco (special educational needs co-ordinator) and i work under him.  He is always very smartly dressed in suits (do have a weakness for men in suits myself) so she was saying that at the weekend it was planned that he would stay the night coz they havent done the dirty (her words not mine lol).

So she says they had a really nice day and evening and as usual he was smartly dressed, she had her sexy underwear on and things were progressing really good until he removed his trousers to reveal that he was wearing a g-string and a bright red one no less with a dimante trim!!!....and her immediate reaction was to burst out laughing!  talk about kill the mood.....the poor man quickly donned his trousers and without saying a word did a runner.

Ok so personally g-strings on men hold no appeal to me either i would be mortified if Master stripped off and was wearing one i think i would laugh too but then i dont partcularly like wearing them myself and only tend to if im wearing something that is tight fitting and want to avoid vpl.   Now she is mortified about how to redeem the situation they havent been in contact since and as we concluded the poor bloke is probably embarrassed and laughing did not help...and the laughing was not meant in a demeaning way although i appreciate it could well have come across like it.

Im just mortified about how im going to go back to work with him and keep a straight face!


  1. Good luck with the straight face....I don't think I could pull it off. Poor guy!

  2. I'd just pretend I knew nothing about the whole situation. Least said, soonest mended and all that, ya know, but I'd be laughing uproariously in my head, lol!


  3. oh tori i dont know how you are going to manage that, but i am sure you will think of something else when you see him...poor guy, sorry but they done appeal to me either!!! smiles

    blossom xx

  4. How could you

    Not laugh!!


    It's doubtful mouse could have kept a straight face...


  5. I shall do my very best to maintain professional behaviour but will laugh inwardly....i hope!

    tori x