Friday, 13 April 2012

Not for the squeamish.. that includes me!

Exploring s/m is endless i think, i have learnt and am still learning that there are so many different and various possibilities out there to inflict pain, to torment and tease somethings still shock and and leave me with that jaw dropping expression....much to his amusement.  He uses my curiosity to his advantage i am terribly curious and when an image or a suggestion is 'fed' to me its like a seed being planted in my head and slowly with a lot of 'nourishment' it grows and i have to pick it...i have to experience what has made me so curious...this can take weeks, months or longer but eventually i will say "i would like to try xyz".....and he has got me exactly where he wanted me.

He gave me a video to watch perhaps a year ago maybe longer, i dont have to watch them but you know curiosity and all that so i watched it of course and it was hard bdsm and there was a scene of a women tied with her back to a cross no big deal there.  Oh then the dominant picked up these thin rods (which were it turns out skewers!) perhaps 7/8 inches in length and i couldnt think for the life of me what they was for..then he grabbed one of her breasts and slowly pushed one of the rods through it....omg right throught the bloody tit!...yes it was one of those jaw dropping way thats just..well seriously people do was a bit like those times when you dont want to watch but you just have to because you cant quite believe what your the seed was planted.

I put it to one side adamant that this way beyond what i wanted to experience and ignored the tell tale throbbing between my legs because it was far too much for me to comprehend.  He asked if i had watched it and i said that i had and that it didnt interest me or arouse me (yes i lied..i know shocker) he just grinned in that know as if to say i know your lying but i will let this one go.

So i had to watch it again of course just to confirm that it didnt interest me, i still felt the same..i did really, and i had to buy some of these skewers just to see what they actually looked like..nothing more..honestly.  He has on odd occasions asked me about them and we have discussed it, no pressure just little reminders to keep me fed.

So i have them, they havent been used yet they are here hidden away, taunting me, and i know he is waiting and he wont have to wait much longer because i need to know, i need to know what it will be like.. and i will ask.

Edited to add....truthfully im not sure i really want to try terrifies me but i just cant get it out my head.


  1. You are a brave girl my friend....unfortunately I think we are a lot alike.

  2. lol dancingbarez

    brave? my rocker? yes

    I scare myself sometimes with what excites me..does it mean i will actually do all these things...perhaps, and maybe not..i just dont know.

    tori x

  3. Who has the health insurance for boob skewering? I mean, really.

  4. Kudos to you for doing what interests you, but I must admit it has absolutely no appeal for me and I'm NOT lying, lol!


  5. Clearly you have not grasped the meaning of the SAFE and SANE part of ssc.

    I question the sanity of people who find the idea of puncturing breasts erotic.

    It is not sadism its sick.

  6. hello Joan

    Not to worry in the uk we have the NHS!


  7. hi ya kitty

    lol its not going to appeal to everyone thats for sure.

    tori xx

  8. oh Anon (why is it always the offensive or critical comments that are annonymous?)

    Anyway why do i have this strange feeling you have been reading Fifty shades of Gray?

    Clearly you have no understanding of RACK...Risk Aware Consensual Kink....which is what we adhere to

    Now thats cleared up you can go back to your love story....enjoy


  9. Tori,

    Totally understand where you're coming from. Btdt! Your reply to anonymous made mouse laugh right out loud!!

    Omega has done piercing play with mouse (don't flip anon, we take all precautions to minimize permanent problems) and have to say it was way more erotic than mouse believed it would be.


  10. Hi tori,

    Some of what Master and I do today- I would have sworn I would never ever ever ever do before Master.

    Now never is not part of my vocabulary.

    Doesn't mean I will do it today, but I just might tomorrow.

    Ultimately - Master will decide and that does take some of the being afraid away.

    Sounds like those skewers are calling your name :)


  11. hi ya mouse

    I love needles for the blood aspect to be honest so im thinking it cant be much worse than them!

    Glad my comment to anon gave you a laugh, sometimes i get upset but its just not worth it.

    tori xx

  12. hello faithful

    thanks for your comment, yes i totally understand where your coming from, as for fear hmm sometimes i like the fear i find it as exciting and sometimes more exciting than the actual physical act.

    tori x

  13. It sounds like it is just a matter of time before you experience it. Let us know how it goes and ignore Anon. As long as it works for you two, that's all that matters. The fact you had that throbbing between your legs tells you that it intrigues you. Good luck.


  14. hi FD

    I shall let you know when i pluck up the courage to ask to try it lol

    oh i know i shouldnt rise to anon's comments or any offensive comments but im getting thicker skin!

    tori x