Friday, 20 April 2012


I find that this lifestyle or more particularly these relationships can be quite isolating, i have great family and many friends and a couple of close friends and only one of those knows some of what our relationship is about...yet i have never touched on it being  M/s, the kink side im more relaxed with but i dont feel comfortable sharing that i submit to him beyond the bedroom ...although im pretty sure she has a good idea that its more than what i let on...its just left undiscussed.

We havent stayed in touch with the couples we have met (play and social wise) and its been a few years now, im not sure why i think its been a combination of many things, both of us being too busy work wise, the issues it caused between us and a few of them their relationships ended... so i guess we just slowly drifted.....there is only one couple that i wish we had stayed in more contact with even if the dom did keep calling me subbie lol...gosh i hate being called irrates me just as much as when people say to children doggie or horsey...ok im digressing.

Im by no means ashamed of our dynamic but nor would i feel comfortable exposing those in vanilla relationships to it, with all the best will in the world unless they have an interest in this lifestyle or are active themselves then i dont think they are going to understand and i dont want to be judged or be the topic of the local gossip mongers....i prefer to keep my private life just that..private.

So its isolating in the respect that its not like these people are going to understand or would be able to relate to me and therefore my relationship not just because of the kink but more so the dynamics of it, telling the bossman he can kiss my ass in response to his request for a blowjob as my friend told her husband just wouldnt cut it for me...i like having skin thankyou very much.

Most of the time it doesnt bother me but yet there are times when i feel like having a good rant and yes a moan, we have problems the same as any other couple but perhaps of a different kind and in a different way...and its these times i find the hardest, i have him to talk to yes and he is a great listener but well its not the same...its these times when i feel isolated.....its also why i picked up blogging again because its an outlet to compensate for those odd times of feeling isolated.


  1. I really appreciate that I can let out the "real me" through Sweet Surrender, my blog.

    And, I like to read your thoughts/feelings as well.


  2. Every once in a while I get a strong urge to say something to my closest friend but it always passes quickly and later I think what was I thinking?

    That is why it is nice to have this place, the comments of fellow bloggers have helped me work through a lot.

  3. We only have one friend who knows. Well they're a couple but you know. It's very isolating and very hard since mouse can't express even the abuse to friend's that went on before Omwga.

    But at the same time having the blog does help.


  4. I agree as well! I don't have a blog yet- but think about starting one all the time because of all the thoughts in my head.

    Master and I are LDR and sometimes the isolation is torture... but then I always come back to this is my choice.


  5. hi ya kitty

    Yes i think thats one of the best things about blogging, you can spill it all out.

    Thanks its nice to read other peoples thoughts and opinions i enjoy that element of blogging as well it often gives you a different perspective.

    tori x

  6. hi dancingbarez

    Yes sometimes i get the urge but then common sense always prevails lol, unless you are very sure of the reaction its best not to..of course thats just my opinion.

    tori x

  7. hi mouse

    I think its difficult and it must be hard for you sometimes to not be able to express what was a big part of your life.

    Oh yes the blog is a big help.

    tori x

  8. hello faithful

    Go for it...take the bull by the horns and start blogging, you may well find it helps in the feelings of isolation it does for me and for so many others.

    Just do it and if you do let me know, its always nice to welcome a fellow blogger.

    tori x