Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ttwd??? another label

TTWD ..i dont get it i really dont, i dont like the term it just seems non-descriptive, covers a broad area and whether we may like labels or not they have their use but ttwd doesnt in my opinion make a clear distinction of what actually the thing we do is! and i like clarity lol

For example someone may ask me if i like ice cream and yes i do, they could get me a bowl of strawberry ice cream but i dont like strawberry ice cream or coffee or rum n raisen i like chocolate, vanilla (haha) and mint flavours....but they are all still ice cream.....and this is how i feel about ttwd it is too random ie not specific enough for my liking.  If you got to a shop and ask for an ice cream they are going to ask you what flavour...still with me lol

I like labels that give a more clearer picture, are understood, if i say i practice bdsm (label) in an  M/s (label) dynamic and follow the principles of rack (label) then it gives a more clear definition of what i enjoy and engage in, the type of realtionship im in....rather than saying a ttwd which says very little.

Anyway thats my thoughts on that!


  1. Interesting post! I personally like the TTWD label but only because I don't have to be specific, lol. I can say how much I love TTWD and those who practice know generally what I mean. They might not understand (or agree with) my specific kinks but it does give me some feeling of solidarity which I like.

    I wouldn't even begin to know how to break down TTWD further for me. I'm not sure I fit neatly into any category(ies)!

    p.s. tori how do you get the "email follow-up comments" option to show up as part of the comment form?

  2. Hi squirrel

    I hope i dont offend anyone with my opinion of the phrase ttwd because it is just that...my opinion, and i know its commonly used, yet funnily enough not so much over here in the uk or not that i have picked up on.

    I have no idea how that "email follow-up comments" option appears im still trying to find out how to add reply to the comment section so i can reply to comments individually rather than keep coming back to this box

    if you made sense of that well all credit to you lol

    i think try going to comments section on the dashboard...and edit from there.

    tori xx

  3. Hello tori,
    I too do not care for the the acronym "TTWD". Unlike you though the reason why I do not care for it is because it is yet again another label and I really do not care for them (for the most part). When people ask me about my relationship with Master I answer with, "We are in a relationship". Rarely do I explain or define it. Am I submissive? Yes. Is he dominant? Yes. Do we practice what many would call a D/s exchange? Yes. Do I use said labels? Nearly never.

    People, through the years have manipulated terms and words to fit the definitions that they believe in and not necessarily what the actual dictionary definitions are which is another reason why I do not tend to call myself anything.

    I appreciate this entry and I shall return to read more.


  4. Tori,

    I can appreciate your opinion:)! When I first started blogging, people were so quick to label Daddy and I as DD or CDD, but I didn't think that really fit and I set about doing research as to what we were already doing was called. Now I say we're in a 24/7 tpe or ape relationship. It works for us, but on the other hand, I've started using the ttwd label because it's just more comfortable for some people to deal with. Many people don't like it if I say that Daddy is my Master and I'm his slave, even though that's what we're comfortable with when alone. Oh, well, it really doesn't matter, does it?!


    P.S. I think that was about as clear as mud, lol!

  5. The key is you two enjoy what you do regardless of what you call it.


  6. What is rack? The other terms I have heard of.


  7. hi goodgirl

    I agree that yes certain terms have been manipulated but still i believe labels do have their uses to aid defining what something is, they given common understanding.

    I dont tend to explain the dynamics of my relationship to anyone that is not privvy to our lifestyle but for the purpose of ingteracting/communicating with others that are using clear terms (labels) that are understood are helpful.

    tori x

  8. hi ya kitty

    Lol it was clear, sometimes im not sure i always am..i just tend to ramble on and hope for the best!

    I dont have any problem with the term being used and i certainly am not intending to offend people that do use it, like a lot of things its personal preference and its not a term i feel comfortable using.

    Ultimatley people can use labels that fit for them and not all people will agree on what those labels stand for...ok now im rambling lol

    tori xx

  9. FD

    You are of course absoulutley right, and it doesnt really matter what terms are used as long as its enjoyed.

    tori x

  10. Anon

    RACK....risk aware consensual kink

    tori x