Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I do believe im a bit bewildering...sometimes

I have this fascination lately with being cathetersized and its something i would like to explore, i would like to try it.  For me its about the giving up control of one of the basic needs...ie of being able to go to the toilet, when in his presence i have to ask to use the bathroom, mostly permission is granted but sometimes he will make me wait until he says i can go...its just another demonstration of the control he has over me and over a basic need.

Im finding that as we go along and the control he exerts over me becomes routine, the norm if you like that i want to up the ante, i want more.  Its like orgasm control, during sex and s/m im pretty much allowed to cum freely, im not allowed to touch myself sexually or bring myself to orgasm without permission but i can ask and mostly he will allow it...and then sometimes i get annoyed because he has allowed it....i have wanted him to say no and then get shirty because he said yes....i know its not logical...why ask when you dont want to actually cum...but i do want to i just dont want to be allowed to....yes i can understand why he finds me bewildering at times.


  1. Nope it's logical..we're confusing people! Lol

    Honestly, when we toyed with diaper domination...that was why it made mouse so very hot...


  2. yep mouse i do believe you are right..confusing is more apt lol

    tori x

  3. Wow, catheterization! I love how far you will go, tori. I really hope Wolf never reads this post, lol. He has already brought up the diapering mouse described. Controlling my basic functions is a big turn-on for him and I am trying to get used to it. (Ok it does make me a little hot, squirrel whispers).

  4. hi squirrel

    I just love the control element of it, i dont think he as keen but yes i do like the diapering mouse described as well (nappies over here lol) so might see what he thinks of that.

    I do think its something you get used to and then thats when the craving for more hits...well it is for me.

    tori xx