Saturday, 1 March 2014

I think blogger has caught my pox/question time

I have bloody chicken pox, i had been feeling ok with it when i first noticed the spots appear, the itching is a bitch, but since yesterday i have been feeling nauseus and headaches that i cant seem to shake off.

Blogger is playing me up, it happens every so often, i log in and apparently im not following anyone, after a few times refreshing my blog roll appears but its not updating blogs, it seems to be stuck on a week  ago....and i know people have posted since then!

So its a pain, coz i have to manually type in the blog address and its pissing me off no end.

I know i have comments to reply to from last 2 posts, im getting there...well not now, coz i feel like shit and im being sent to bed......alone....there all treating me like a leper.

 Its that month, question month, so yeah well if you have one, i will answer it, however whether the answer makes sense or not will depend on these factors....and the bossman (which im not sure i like the idea of!) will answer as well if any directed at him

1)  the question

2) amount of coffee consumed when replying

and i promise to..not be sarcastic......i dont make that promise very often!


  1. Hello.

    Are you bisexual?

    Is your Dom?

  2. First:
    I am so so sorry about the chicken pox. That is horrible!! I wish you well and no itching!!! UGH! That just sucks!! Oh and I love your sarcasm by the way =)

    For you:
    1. What's your favorite sex toy and spanking implement?
    2. When did you first realize that you are submissive?
    3. Have your children ever caught you in a compromising submissive position or heard you being spanked?
    4. What's one fantasy that you have involving you and your bossman?
    5. How did you choose tori?

    for your bossman (yea!!! thank you for taking questions!!)

    1. What's your favorite implement to spank tori with?
    2. What do you like and dislike about tori's blogging?
    3. What is one sign of tori's submission that pleases you most?
    4. What's one fantasy that you have involving you and you tori?

  3. I do hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Since I can't think about anything else at the moment, how does orgasm denial make you feel? I know you said that you are constantly aroused but is there more than that? I'm wondering about emotional feelings.

    Okay, thought of one more question, for bossman, what is one thing about tori we might be surprised to find out?

    *walks off hoping to get a sarcastic response from tori on that last question*

  4. Sorry about the chicken pox. I think bicarbonate of soda in the bathwater is suppose to help.
    As for a question... How do you think your relationship to Bossman appears to the outside world, the vanilla one?

    1. Try logging out of blogger/google and logging back in. That brought back my blogs.

  5. sorry about the CPox. I had them as an adult and it is not an easy ride.
    questions...I can't add to anything above.
    get well soon
    L x

  6. Oooo..poor thing. I hope the pox are over soon.

    1) how after so many years do you find ways to deepen your submission?

    For Boss Man

    1) How after so many years do you find ways to keep pushing tori to encourage to be a better submissive, mother, woman, etc.?

  7. tori,

    The pox is nasty. I have had the childhood version and the adult version called shingles. Remember to have the shingles vaccine someday.

    I have read almost all of your posts from 2007 onward so I have no questions to ask.

    I will send you positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Big Hug,

  8. Eww, chicken pox. I still remember getting it as a child (back when parents purposely infected their children over the summer as soon as a neighborhood kid got it...ah, the 80s).

    Blogger is a bitch. It does that to me just about every day. Try cleaning the cache/cookies on your browser. You can do it on mobile apps too.

    All the questions I've thought of have already been asked. Hope you feel better soon. No itching! lol

  9. So sorry about the chicken pox, so horrible to have and then being treated like a leper even worse - illness is so different for men! Get well soon!

    Question - was there a transition from submission to slavehood or was it something you agreed from the beginning with Bossman?

  10. Oh...Chicken pox sucks, I'm sorry. Maybe there is some small perk in being treated like a leper...? I mean, surely no one is demanding dinner and asking where their clean underwear is...?

    You'll answer without sarcasm?! *Sighs and mopes off--I guess I can't ask any questions now.

    Seriously though, I hope that you feel better soon, and it's gross to clean up, but I seem to remember that baths with oatmeal in them were rather soothing...

  11. oh you POOR think chickenpox as an adult is no joke :(

    further to what others have said, porridge oats in the bath are awesome - we made bath bombs out of cut off bits of old tights (aka pantyhose?). Also an antihistamine (pritone for example) like you'd take for hayfever really helps make it itch less. We found calamine lotion wasn't that great as it was itchy once it had dried, but maybe it would give Bossman some fun with a paintbrush?!