Monday, 31 March 2014

Hello, my name is tori

and im a masochist.

Its been, a long time, weeks and weeks since i have had a really good beating.


i miss it

I had a big blow up about the whole s/m thing a few weeks back, threw me off track, i had to re-think or perhaps re focus on what s/m meant to me and where it fitted in.

This last week has been a pretty shit week all round, Master had and is still having a huge work related issue, which has made him angry, and he isnt a man that angers easily.  Have been away to visit my brother and sister-in-law who are having marital problems, which turned out to be worse than i thought, i dont think its going to work out, but hopefully im wrong.

Got home on Saturday and my son announced his girlfriend is pregnant (welcome home mum!), does it make me an insensitive bitch that im relieved she has chosen to have an abortion? but regardless its what she wants, its her decision.  Huge lecture with son about using condoms, even though she is on the pill, which yes if you forget to take it a few times a week your at risk, lesson learnt, a hard one.

I need a beating, he needs to give me one, to vent, and i need it, because it gives me a period of escapism, gives us both that.


  1. Oh Tori, it sounds as though you have both been dealing with a lot. I hope you get the release you both need soon.


  2. Tori,
    That's a lot of chaotic life thrown at you in a very short time.
    Hang in there!

  3. hi tori

    ooo sounds like you are having a time of it....know what that is like at the moment...smiles....hope things start to settle down for you.....i hope you get your release soon.


  4. I hope you are able to get one soon. What a stressful time it sounds like !

  5. Oh crap!!! Umm Ya....

    Hugs and love,

  6. I need a beating, he needs to give me one, to vent, and i need it, because it gives me a period of escapism, gives us both that......

    I so get that and so thankful He understands it.

    Wow, what a week you have had. I hope you find a moment to escape.

  7. oh hugs tori big hugs for you I know what its like to have a son come and tell you his gf is pregnant. I am sure you will get what you need soon xxxxx

  8. Ya..well sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you realize that it's all looking up! Have you asked? He said he would wait until you asked, right? ASK!! You need…you deserve…you may even require a good beating! I am so sorry.

    The wonderful part is … like you said … he needs to give one AND you need to have one. You fulfill each other!