Monday, 3 March 2014

OOOh some good, interesting questions

I havent taken part in this before, but i think its a great idea, gets us all interacting, im loving asking questions on others blogs and answering.

Its going to take more than one post, but all will be answered.

So in order..

Anon asked me "are you bisexual?"

oh anon, i dont know if you read me a lot, but if you do then you should know that what should be a straightforward yes or no answer..well lets just say i dont tend to go the straightforward route..yeah i make it more complicated than it needs to be basically!

I am not naturally bisexual, i can appreciate a good looking woman and i will say as much, but im not sexually attracted to women, however i begrudgingly admit i get a kick out of forced bi.  The times i have been with a woman, under my Masters direction, although i have not enjoyed the act itself (licking pussy ugh, receiving well heck yes!), what i did find a huge turn on is having no choice in the matter, it was simply about pleasing him..and that turns me on.

anon asked the bossman "is he bisexual?"

now this is he is not, he just likes pussy..well and ass...but just my ass.

Fiona asked me (thankyou fiona)

1)  "What's your favourite sex toy and spanking implement?"

sex toy has to be remote controlled vibrating eggs, just so much fun especially in a public setting.

implement definitely the cane, it gets such a bad rap, as in for some reason it seems to be feared, but really if one can get past that its just bliss and takes me straight to that happy place (there are exceptions).

2)  When did you first realise that you are submissive?

In my late 20's, i had these desires, fantasies earlier than that but i didnt associate them with being submissive, when i acted on these desires with a dominant (before bossman) thinking i needed to get it out my system, i realised that it wasnt just a part-time thrill, it wasnt the kink....i relished being dominated, and subsequently brought out these parts of me that i didnt know i had..and it felt so right.

3)  Have your children ever caught you in a compromising submissive position or heard you being spanked?

oh im actually relieved to be straightforward and able to say a no and no to this ...well as far as im aware they havent, if they have i guess its filed under the "things we dont want to talk about with mum"  lol

4)  What's one fantasy you have involving you and the bossman?

i would love to watch him dominate a submissive male, he has done before (long before he met me), the thought of it excites me a great deal....when i have asked him about this its a firm no......but im not one to give in easily lol

ok, thats it for now, rest in a while.

the upside of having chicken pox is although im not feeling 100% im getting to lounge on the sofa with the laptop and blog!( its gone midnight here but i slept the best part of the day away and am now wide awake) and i need to, got to catch up with my own posts and with others, what with blogger screwing me around im missing out!!!!and well you should all know how nosy i am by now!


  1. Love this! Oh the vibrating egg...yum! Ok...for my questions:
    1) What is the scariest thing you've ever done? The thing you dreaded the most and did you end up enjoying it?

    2) What is your most hated implement? Does it get used often?

    That's all for now...I may think of a few more later ;)


    1. i will get to these questions in a later post, thanks


  2. Thanks for sharing.


    1. thanks, and good to see taking part


  3. Fabulous answers Tori, thank you!!! An you share which vibrating eggs you've used? I've never used them, but they sound like fun :-)


    1. thanks Fiona, im really enjoying asking and answering.

      definitly recommend so much fun.....go on indulge yourself lol


  4. ooo I'm loving this month of questions thing! I really enjoyed reading those, now I've got some - about your orgasm denial, mostly -

    Is this something that you really wanted to do, or is it something that's come more from Bossman?

    How does it work - are there set periods where you don't get to cum, or is just down to his whim?

    How do you feel about it? Do you love it, hate it, or a bit of both?

    Hope the chickenpox clears up soon x

    1. im loving it as well.

      I will get to your questions in a future post.


  5. Mean old pox! Hope you're starting to feel better. My husband got them as an adult and it was dreadful.

    My question - is there anything you once said you'd never do and now you enjoy it?

  6. Reading your answer on bisexuality made me wonder "Do you and your man share a woman or does he just want you to be with her?"