Saturday, 8 March 2014

Commercial break...International Womans Day

Im taking a 'question' post break, because i do like to try to mark International Woman's Day which is today, the focus this year being centred around inspiring change.  I will get around to replying to all questions and following up on the blogs i have asked questions on, so please bear with me for a few days.

Inspiring change

unfortunately it is the case that for many woman from the moment they are born purely because they are female they are seen as having less value, this may be because of the country they are born in, religion, culture, im all for respecting different religions, cultures etc but not when it places less value on one sex.

As a mother and having a daughter, it is my responsibility to have her grow up hopefully to be a confident young woman, to treat her just the same as i do her brother, if i expect her to do chores that are cleaning then i expect the same from him, if i  teach her to cook then i also teach her brother......i dont want either of them to grow up thinking that there are things considered a 'womans job' and likewise a 'mans job'.

I expect the same respect, manners and behaviours from both of them.

For many, too many young girls this is not the case, can just one day make a difference? no, but in promoting it, as many countries, organisations do it creates awareness, perhaps helping some women to give them the courage to make changes in their lives for the better.

It is not acceptable to live in fear, to be forced into marriage, to have no voice because theirs does not count, to be denied education because they dont have a penis....

We have come a long way in womans rights in the modern world, but lets not get complacent, there is still a way to go, for many women.


  1. Hi Tori, nodding in agreement with you. Well said!


    1. thanks Roz, this is something i feel very strongly about.


  2. tori,

    I agree tori. Well done.