Tuesday, 4 March 2014

bossman's turn

From Fiona

1)  How did you choose tori?

She had the right attitude, and seemed open to exploring beyond where she had got when we met.  It was a bonus that she's also incredibly sexy, and likes pain.  I delight in hurting her.  aww your not too bad yourself for an old guy..you can beat me for saying that, i wont object....when im better!

2)  Whats your favourite implement to use?

Generally, percussive things.  The cane , because she responds to it so well, and the paddle, because of the way it bruises.  Ultimately, though it's the single-tail whip.  Nothing quite as stimulating for me as watching dozens of red welts coming up on her back, and in particular on her lovely tits.  implement! not implements, not that im arguing of course, i will concur on the cane, the paddle is ok the single tail depends on which one.

3)  What do you like/dislike about tori's blogging?

I like that she has the opportunity to share her experiences with others, it's helpful for her in processing her thoughts and subsequently leads to us discussing them.  I dislike the idiots and trolls who can sometimes undermine her confidence, although she is pretty good at dealing with these now.  so you get that sometimes sarcasm is a necessary measure..yes? and i can conclude that i will not get in trouble for it?

4)  What is one sign of tori's submission that pleases you most?

When she just let's herself go and stops fighting against what she is.  When she calmly, and confidently, asks me for pain; asks me to hurt her; and asks me not to stop, when her body is bleeding from my cane or my whip.  im disappointed that you did not say that it was my total obedience, how pleasing i am, (cough, cough, splutter....maybe not)  not to mention how great i am at ass licking proverbially and literally!  

5)  Whats one fantasy you have involving you and tori?

To watch her being dominated by a group of women, to see them hurt and humiliate her, and to see her realise that with all her protesting about this, she would enjoy it.  i have to confess here, i edited his reply to this one because it contained more information that i would like to share.....and fingers crossed he doesnt have me put it right...yes i know im a spoilt sport.     and i want to make it clear this is a fantasy we do not share!  and i would not enjoy it!!!!!! yes this warrants extra exclamation points!!!!

Question from Misty

What is one thing about tori we might be surprised to find out?

She claims not to like sex with woman, but every time she has been forced to serve them, she gets incredibly excited.  oh im relieved, i was wandering what the reply to this would be and this is not bad at all...because actually it wont come as a surprise, this was actually mentioned in previous post....and i claim not to like sex with woman because i dont!

Question from His slut

How after so many years do you find ways to keep pushing tori to encourage to be a better submissive, woman, mother etc?

The key here is to know when to push and when to hold back and let her get where I want her to be in her own time, and being together as long as we have, knowing her,  I am confident in assessing when to push and when not to.

The ways to push vary, it's very much situation dependent, but mostly it's providing her with the necessary tools to encourage her to be better, to want to be better, communication, support, consistency on my part.  hey lots of orgasms always provide me with motivation..we should try that, coz im forgetting what there like, nope thats not asking, its a suggestion, you said im always allowed to suggest.

rest of questions to follow soon

and thanks to those taking part, such fun!


  1. hehehehehee
    Thanks tori for the color commentary…hilarious!

    Thank you bossman for sharing your answers!! It's wonderful to hear another perspective! So, Tori…how do you reconcile that he says that you loved your experiences (and I would guess physically reacted to them) and you say you didn't?? Hmmmmmm! Me thinks you doth protest too much =)


    1. well fiona sometimes he is wrong, he might not like to think it, but on this ocassion he is!!! well yes i reacted to the experiences that i cannot deny.....but well..ok i will shut up here lol


  2. You crack me up! And I'm thinking bossman has you and other women on the mind... not that that's uncommon for men but I think it's interesting that two of his answers involve that.

    This is SO much fun.

    1. oh Misty..i swear its a man thing, he has this obsession with seeing me with other woman, we havent done it for a long time, years...he must be getting urges again!


  3. Thank you Bossman for sharing your answers with us.

    Big Hug,

  4. Hmmm, is that funny color commentary actually safe??

    I got a question for the Bossman: What is it about inflicting pain that is a turn-on? Not sure my phrasing makes sense here, but I'm really at a loss as to improving it, lol.

    1. safe? yeah, he has a sense of humour..i hope!

      i have passed your question on and will get onto him about answering it soon.


  5. great questions and thanks bossman for answering, its always really neat to hear from the doms point of view. Thanks tori for sharing them :)