Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Playing catch up

Its been a busy week but in a good way, got a lot of things sorted out, personal stuff that was causing a lot of stress, but then i admit to being a stress head, im trying to embrace the idea of not worrying about things i have no control over.......positive thinking!    Changed internet provider, what should have been a 24hr switchover turned into 5 days, listening to my kids moan, you would have thought the world had ended! had both their birthdays in one week, i cant believe my eldest baby is 17.

I am so sorry that i have taken so long getting to reply to questions, all i can say is, March had been somewhat of a difficult month for me, but im ready to move on....so hello April.

Betsy T asked

"Reading a post you wrote about bisexuality, I wander do you and your man share a woman?, or does he just want you to be with her?"

We have never shared a woman, or any threesomes (or more come to that!), its not something that appeals to me at all, primarily i would say for him he likes watching me with another woman, and i have liked watching him with another woman...well i used to.  Its been many years since we have played with others, and i guess i have changed since then, now, well, now, i dont like the thought of sharing him, i know it would be only temporary ie for a scene but i dunno it doesnt have the same appeal as it used to......deep down if im going to be truthful i prefer monogamy.

Geekie Kittie asked

"Did you always know you were submissive?"

No.  well, from late teens i had these fantasies, of being told what to do, being controlled in a sexual way but i didnt associate this with being submissive, i had no knowledge of D/s etc, it was just these feelings i had, that i didnt know what to do with.

"Did you always know you were a masochist?"

no, that was totally unexpected.  I was as mentioned above, more interested by the idea of being dominated, s/m didnt appear on my radar at all!  it was only when into my 20's and i started getting information online about submission when kink, s/m came to my attention.

And even then it still didnt hold any appeal, there was somethings i was at a  push be willing to try, but very tame things, my primary focus was in being dominated.

"Did you have much experience in either, before the Bossman?"

I had one dominant before Master, and that was when i realised that indeed i was submissive, that it wasnt just something i had to get out of my system, i loved being dominated, it was like i was discovering this whole new person, well i was.

and he introduced me to different kinks, nothing really heavy at all, and i found myself liking it wanting to try more, the turning point was when he first caned me, i was scared, but i was open minded enough by this point to give it a go....and i loved it, i didnt want him to stop, but he wouldnt continue, it was past his comfort zone.

Which is not by any means a fault on his part, he was simply not a sadist, he liked 'light' play, but it became apparent i needed/wanted more, and i started looking up images/videos online of s/m and whereas in the beginning it scared the fuck out of me, i then found it exciting, i was curious about it....(not all of it, some of it still scared the fuck out of me)..

and when we parted ways, and i was ready to start looking again, i sought out a sadistic dominant...and met Master.

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