Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lights, camera action

and the last 3.....finally got there.

Declan asked

"do you take photo's or record any of your scenes, only one I noticed on your blog?"

The bossman will sometimes take photos, but this is rare, and only for our viewing pleasures,  the photo on my blog was something i really wanted to put up at the time, but really i would rather let the words speak for dont go holding your breath for more explicit ones here lol....but never say never!

"are you an exhibitionist?"

no.  Quite the opposite, although we have had some good times when we did play with others, and its been many years since we have, i am quite shy and reserved face to face, i much prefer just private times between the two of us.

"does he share you with others?"

depends on how you mean by share i suppose.  When we used to play with others then i would submit to other dominants to the extent my Master had agreed to, and thats all i feel like saying about that.


Porn is something that does not appeal to me, however i have and still do enjoy watching s/m scenes, but those that do not contain sexual activity..just simply pure s/m.....been a long time since i have watched any though.

The bossman would years ago, have me watch these sorts of scenes, sometimes seeing a visual of what he wanted to do to me, made it easier, and sometimes not, i recall when he first brought up about tit skewering...i was like no fucking way (a lot of things i had that initial reaction in, and ended up loving them!), and i subsequently watched a home video of it.....yes it excited me as well as scared me but seeing it happening fed my curiosity...yeah yeah we all know what happened to the cat lol...clearly i have 9 lives.

We have never watched porn together, (other than straight s/m) it holds no appeal to him either, besides what would he need porn for...he's got me!  and i know it might sound silly but i think i would be a bit put out if he were to...but thats probably because i dont get the appeal myself.

However im not anti-porn, i do have a guilty pleasure in that i love male on male sex, but again rare that i will seek them out.

I do like erotic images, tastefully done, ones that i would be comfortable hanging up in the home, (albeit perhaps just the bedroom), less is more for me in terms of erotica, i like images that leave you to your own imagination rather than it being all cock or cunt.


  1. It's so interesting, when we get to the topic of porn, to see how we are difference, and I think how that may compare to S&M.
    I'm with you: I have no problem with porn, it just doesn't appeal to me.
    But I do enjoy occasionally watching a scene or even watching others play-a tad bit-and tastefully done erotica images, I'll spend hours looking at :)

  2. Oh porn does it for me. Clyde and I will often watch it together. Although our tastes vary a little, it works for us.

    I'm so with you on exhibitionism but maybe in the right setting...


  3. porn is so interesting. we explored it a bit, but i have to find the actors attractive for it to work for me, and they so often weren't, or something was just annoying, or the setting was silly - I'm just really picky! I found the written word worked much better for me, if I could find something specific enough, whereas it seems like he just seems to have to see naked people doing it... Odd, isn't it?!

    Tumblr is awesome. I've found still images and simple gifs work wonders for me and my how glad I am to have discovered James Deen - now he and his brand of porn really are right up my alley! I have to turn the sound off though, the american accents put me off!