Friday, 18 April 2014

How im found

Lil on occasions does posts on the keywords/phrases that are on her blog in the stats, and its something i have never done, so i figure i would give it a go, but mine are really rather boring and hmm predictable, but what struck me is on the 'let search engines find me' i have mine unticked, but yet certain phrases will find me! i dont want to be found via search engines!

I clicked on month, rather than all-time.

and coming in at number 10 is

pains pleasure bdsm blog..........well yeah like i said predictable


painful anal plug......this has to be the inflatable plug, bloody thing really needs to go missing.


pain slave blog....there is no avoiding that i like pain clearly.


orgasm denial....what are orgasms?


internal enslavement.......ahh yes, adapting ones mindset to slavery, its more about the mental than the physical, opening ones legs is the easy part, opening and freeing your mind is the more challenging but satisfying part.

no. 5

humiliation pleasure....and what a pleasure it is.

no. 4

flogged boobies.....this is probably why my most popular post of all time is the one with the pic of my well flogged boobies....and the flogger isnt really one of my favourite things, dont dislike it, but just doesnt hold much appeal to me either.

no. 3

tori at pains pleasure....yep that would be me.

no. 2

rope my tits......oh i do love having my tits bound with rope and tortured.


how to make tits purple using rope.....well, bind them tightly with said rope, flog, cane or whip them and let nature take its course, for added decoration apply nipple clamps and weights, if you really want to be sadistic, reverse the order, and apply clamps and weights before you commence beating the tits, not only will the tits be purple but the language from your victim may well be very colourful too!....failing that colour them in using felt tip pen...ensuring its non permanent!


  1. At least you didn't get anything insulting! "Arrogant submissive" was not something I wanted to be known for...Lol.

    Lmao at the felt tip pen!

    1. lol yeah but i get the insulting comments! and accusations of being sarcastic...i have no idea why anyone would think that!


  2. LoL Tori, it's interesting what phrases bring people to us. Had a feeling purple boobs might bo No 1 lol


    1. it is, its even more interesting that im meant to be hidden from search engines lol


  3. Lol. I switched off search engine retrieval and dont get any keywords. I used to get lots of 'spanked wife', which i suppose is accurate.
    We have plenty of felt tips here, could do all the colour of the rainbow tits :-)
    Hugs DF

    1. i thought i did, well i know i did because i checked before doing this post, what i havent done is searched for myself...i must go do that lol


  4. tori,

    Thanks for sharing. I cringe when I see the photo of your purple boobies. Ouch. That must have been some painful scene.

    Glad I do not have boobies, but I have had my balls caned. Ouch.


    1. lmao joey, back at glad i do not have balls..that sounds worse!!!


  5. Replies
    1. i figured as they was so boring mouse, i needed to lighten it up