Wednesday, 4 July 2012

No game playing

I think an important part of enslavement is consistencey, this reinforces trust, it provides the slave with the security of knowing if her Owner says something will be done it will be, i couldnt handle changing of mind on a constant basis or one day something be acceptable and the next week its not, i need to know where i stand.  Its important to me that he is upfront about his expectations of me and in return he expects the same, he does not desire bratty behaviour if he gets an indictation im heading that way its stamped out and likewise i dont want to be set up intentionally to fail.

If he wants to beat me he will simply because he wants to, there need not be any other reason than that, it would not benefit me or him to have him 'create' an excuse or to set me up in a no win situation where the consequence is punishment and so he has a reason to hurt me.

Im not saying this is how it should be, this is how it is for us, some people like the role playing of "you have been a naughty girl...." etc and there is absolutley nothing wrong with that but im not talking of simply role playing i mean the act of setting the slave up to fail.

I have a problem with this due to the fact that most slaves need to please, disappointing their Owner is worse than any punishment they could endure so to be set up to fail by their Owner would be crushing and i would go as far as saying damaging to their enslavement.  It doesnt promote a healthy consistencey which in turn effects trust and security which are foundations of the dynamic and once the foundations start get cracks its only a matter of time before it all crumbles.


  1. That's something Daddy is very clear about, punishments are never fun. He will go out of his way to be sure they are very much punishment. He's often said punishing a masochist with pain is a tricky balance.

    But often he's found they are topping from the bottom. Not outwardly, but subconsciously, they really want pain, but are mentally blocked from asking for it. Even tho they hate punishment, part of them does get what they need.

    Thankfully, Daddy can read mouse very well. We leave in a couple days, and mouse is getting mentally wrapped up in excitement and anxiety. Last night, knowing this will lead no where good, Daddy seized control. He decided to bind mouse tightly and let her stay that way. Immediately it was placing mouse back into the proper headspace. Today, mouse tho, not relaxed, feels much more contained.


    1. hi mouse

      Absolutley agree, punishments are not fun it defeats the object if they are enjoyed.

      As a fellow masochist i have to agree that sometimes although i dont think im topping from the bottom yes sometimes i behave in an indirect way to get pain and i dont know why because he is quite happy for me to ask for it but i find that difficult sometimes.

      I like being bound its grounding and tends to invoke calm and yes definitley aids in getting in the right headspace.


      hope your having a great time

      tori x