Monday, 9 July 2012

Just because he can isnt always enough

Because of the nature of our dynamic there are many things he will and can do simply because he can, he does not need my approval or consent he does not need to explain his reasons behind his decisions and his actions, but its very unusual that he will say 'because i can' as a response to any query i may make, and for the most part he will give an explanation for his desicions and actions.
I question a lot and i like answers, i need an understanding of why sometimes rather than being fobbed off with 'because i can' that doesnt give me anything and although i submit and obey and want and need that, in order to be the submissive i and he wants me to be then i need to understand what he wants and expects from me and i can only know if he tells me.

Much emphasis is placed on the dominant getting inside the submissives head, to understand her further but its a two way street i want to know what makes the bossman tick for the same reason, i want to know his desires and what makes him want to do these nasty but enjoyable things to me, because i want know to know how best to serve those desires instinctively without prompting.

Its not about questioning him at every instruction we have been together long enough now that i pretty much know whats expected and i know why he wants and desires the things he does but sometimes something comes along that i struggle on understanding his reasoning and i need to know that i can ask him about it without being told 'because i can' i find that patronising.

Yes there are times he does act on 'because he can' he doesnt need to say it, he instructs and i obey but i know i can ask him why at an appropriate time so long as its respectful and not challenging his authority.