Sunday, 22 July 2012

Take my breath away...with the cane

I like to be hooded sometimes when we engage in s/m and he has this really cool rubber full head hood which just has two thin nasal tubes for breathing through its a favourite of mine as it also works well for breath play.

Breath play is considered one of the more extreme or riskier types of play so calling it play really doesnt seem appropriate because lets face it blocking/constricting someones ability to breath is not something thats playful it has risks. 

When he had me on the spanking bench Friday ready for a caning i asked to be hooded, i find it easier to relax and reach subspace when i have to focus elsewhere and the hood does this because of just having the nasel tubes i have to concentrate on my breathing because its just the nasal tubes that provide me with air.

Now going off on a bit of a tangent which i do, having read a post regarding caning recentley i realise that the cane seems to have this element of fear attached to it and i do get that but i also think there are a lot of misconceptions about it as well.  Ok those who read my blog will most likely have picked up that im a masochist and so i sexualise pain and therefore process it differently than non-masochists.

The cane does not have to leave marks....there isnt always the tell tale stripes, its all dependent on other factors there are a variety of different canes out there and they can have different results, a caning can be very sensual if you know what your doing with it and this takes i have never wielded a cane and have no desire to..much happier being on the receiving end lol

I love the cane its my favourite implement but i dont like all types of canings, i have been cold caned (no warm up) as a punishment and it was agony, 6 strokes with a thin cane at full strength and i learnt my lesson enough so that it hasnt needed to be repeated..i really have no wish for it to be repeated.  I have been caned with a singapore punishment cane which is long approximately just over a metre and is thick about 1.20cm and love every moment of it, its a harsh cane and will leave heavy bruising and/or break the skin.

However a simple rattan cane (dragon cane) is my favourite, i prefer thick over thin and on Friday he gave me my favourite type of caning..i was allowed to choose the cane i wanted so i selected 2.  I think perhaps this is where my masochism comes into play, he started off and it hurts a lot but then i ride the pain and it becomes just a background thud the pain stops registering and i disconnect from it.  I wasnt restrained and i just laid on the bench concentrated on breathing through the tubes and quietly take the strokes the only noise being the thud of the cane and its a rhythmic caning, every stroke at the same pace...its really an amazing experience floating (subspace) and it could go on and on because its just not hurting anymore.

He pauses and grabs the nasal tubes so i cant breathe this brings me back to reality and he does this in between the cane strokes so im back feeling them now and its hurting but its a nice hurt and i cum from the mix of caning and having my breath held, when he does stop i want more but he wont give me anymore.  I wouldnt like to take a guess at how many strokes it was i did start counting in my head and got to 37 but when i hit subspace i cant was a lot.

When he stands me up im wobbly and disorientated from being in subspace so we take a break and its then i realise why he wont give me anymore..when i get up from sitting down there is blood on the sofa but yet to look at my ass at that time apart from the few welts that are bleeding its really not looking that bad...i have had worse bruisings from him using his belt or the flogger.

Its worth experimenting with, trying a variety of canes.


  1. Wow, just wow! I am amazed at your ability to take such canings. I seriously don't think I could.


  2. hi kitty

    I didnt think i could or would want to 6 years ago lol, sometimes to be honest my masochism scares me and i struggle with it.


  3. ok tori the first para of your post scared cannot wear hoods they scare the life out of me...smiles but wow as kitty said i dont think i could do that myself take that much canning.

    blossom x

    1. lol blossom i can understand that hoods are not for everyone they are scary but for me thats part of the excitement.

      The caning well its taken a few good years to get to this point and it hasnt always been so enjoyable getting here lol


  4. Yes, breath play is risky. That's why it's included in the Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) style of play, as is knife play. The deep fear that can come from RACK play can provide a massive adrenaline and endorphin rush, but also comes with a stronger subdrop once one leaves subspace. I'm glad you have a partner who knows what he's doing and can keep you safe at such times.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. hi Mr AP

      We tend to subscribe to RACK as it makes more sense to us because of some of the 'play' we engage in does carry risks. Its only recently that im realising that there is a stronger subdrop the more riskier it is and its quite often a delayed subdrop!