Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The seven Dwarfs

The bossman was grumpy yesterday, who knows which one of the seven dwarfs he will be today, i tend to stay quiet and blend into the background as much as i can when he is in a bad mood and just try to make things easier by not distracting him with trivial matters.

I should have cut out this article i read in Cosmopoliton that i was reading in the dentists waiting room a few months back, it was about men in their 50's and apparently they are more "easy going" "relaxed" and feel more free from stresses of work....well it must be true if Cosmo says it! (tongue in cheek just in case you dont get my british sense of humour)

Well perhaps all this takes a while to kick in, he only turned 50 last November so maybe im expecting too much too soon because "easy going" and "relaxed" are not words i would use to describe the bossman and as for work...lets not even go there..seriously the man works more now i think than when we first got together.

Happygirl (a sub friend) complained jokingly that i dont really talk about the bossman much here and nor do i talk about our general interactions in our relationship, ok well i dont think thats strictly true, i do to a certain extent but mostly yes i will concede that i tend to write more generic stuff about D/s and bdsm more than i do personal insights into our life.  But in my defence what i write is very telling about how our relationship functions, i dont feel always comfortable with detailing every explicit sexual encounter or s/m session as they happen, as strange as it might sound considering i have this blog im quite a private person.

The bossman is even more private than i am, its not easy to give an insight into what he is like as a person because obviously im prejudiced but i shall try to be impartial.

He has a dominant nature in all areas of his life not just within our relationship, he can come accross as being arrogant but its more that he is very confident and assertive in what he does and says and often this can come across as arrogance.  In his professional field of work he is considered an expert and has done numerous interviews on radio, television and had articles published in magazines, his work is very important to him.

He is man that likes to be busy and has no time for idleness and that applies to himself and to others, he would have little tolerance for anyone saying "Im bored" or that they have nothing to do, hence he has many a varied interests outside of work, he has learnt to fly a plane, he is a caver, underwater diver, rockclimber, mountainbikes (not so much now..getting old lol), motorbikes..that seems to be his latest passion!

He likes trying new beers and Indian food which drives me bonkers because if i go with him when he goes away for a university class we always have to find a new Indian restaurant to try, and as much as i like Indian food myself not to the extent he does and i have given up pleading my case to have something else.

He is infuriatingly blunt and lacks tact at times which can be hurtful but he is of the mind "dont ask a question or ask an opinion if your not going to like the response" its one of the reasons im glad he does not have input on this blog, thats not to say i could stop him if he wanted but thankfully he is happy not to....which fills me with relief.

Now im off to find out what dwarf he is feeling like today.



  1. oh hugs dearie... but i must say i found this quite fun to read =)

    1. lol he is still grumpy!


  2. Maybe he's just sleepy, lets go with that one.

    1. oooh no he is never hardly sleepy well apart from when im looking for sex and he isnt in the mood lol


  3. Replies
    1. thanks..and he is still bloody grumpy lol