Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A lesson

I do not like or enjoy public humiliation (private oh yes) and that extends to here on blogger on well, so yeah well punishment fits the crime and all that.

Writing on blogger is something i enjoy, interacting and commenting on other blogs is something i enjoy, i like the community feel of it, being able to do all this is something that Master allows me to do and therefore it is something he can take away if he should choose to do so.

I am pretty much allowed to write freely otherwise it would be missing the point entirely of what this blog was set up for, however i need to keep in mind that what i write on here and on comments on other blogs is a reflection on him as my Owner.  My behaviour and his expectations of me are reasonable so if i am asked (being asked does not mean i can refuse) to alter a part of my behaviour for example excessive use of what he considers foul language then i should do so without sarcasm or complaint, these traits are not attractive and he expects better.  I should be thankful that i am allowed to write on here and contribute to other blogs, i need to remember that i do not have any privacy from him.


  1. Noted. :)

    And I hope you will not get this privelege taken away or edited as I enjoy your writing.

    1. Thankyou kitty, im going to be so super duper good though its not likely lol


  2. Understood! I sure hope this had nothing to do with me, your comments went a long way in getting me to speak up, I really needed them.

    Now behave so you can keep blogging.


    1. Oh no not at all, im behaving honestly i am..ok well i shall be behaving better lol