Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why blog?

I started blogging a few years ago, it was actually my Owner that set the blog up and i wasnt too enthusiastic at first but i gave it a go, it certainly helped me in getting me to 'talk' more about what i felt about things so thats a good thing.

I had a break a while back and recently returned, i didnt realise how much i missed it until i started again.  What i like is reading others opinions and interacting, even if i may not agree with something its always good to get a different perspective and we can always learn more no matter how much we think we know already.

Also what i  like about blogging is its my own little corner of the world and Master allows me to write freely without worry of repurcussion (within reason) especially if im a little peeved at him for some reason, here i can have a little rant and get it off my chest.  

What also i have found is unlike a lot of chatrooms aimed at bdsm or M/s relationships there isnt any obvious one up know the "i do it better than you brigade" and thats refreshing, its more realistic i guess as you are getting more of an insight into peoples lives.

Anyway thats why i blog.


  1. I don't blog I am a lurker my life isnt exciting enough to warrant blogging about.

    I just like to see how the other half live I am nosey and sometimes its an eye opener.

  2. Hi lurker

    I wouldnt say my life is that exciting either lol but by all means carry on lurking.