Saturday, 4 February 2012

LDR....not real?

A long distance relationship is what im in and have been for the last 5 years although we see each other regularly for whole weekends and communicate in between its not the most ideal situation but we make the best of it...does this make me less of a slave or not as submissive than those living together?

I think the first point is obviously its different its about there being different degrees or depths, im not kidding myself of course 24/7 living together is more in depth than my situation there is no room for argument there in my opinion...but they are both real.

Given a choice between physically kneeling at his feet or talking on the phone i will go for kneeling at his feet every single time, im still his slave though regardless there are still expectations he has of me when im not physically with him.

I dont think about what the future holds i focus on the now, as with any relationship as time goes on you grow especially once the intial excitment dies down (or sub frenzy as its called) not that the excitement ever goes away but you become more focused....its difficult to be focused in the beginning when its all so new, fresh and your exploring.

Im not one is.....i still have many ways in which to grow but having read through some of my very early posts i cant believe how much my opinions/thoughts have changed, my submission is so much more absolute now than it was before.

So LDR are they real? yes very much so, they can work and they can mean just as much as any other relationship, its hard work at time, frustrating and full of ups and downs.....but so worth it...... doesnt that apply to all relationships regardless of the situation?


  1. Good post. I can personally attest that LDRs are very real! Mine is more real than any other relationship I have ever had in my life.

    The funny thing is I've just browsed through your blog and you've been blogging forever with great topics and insight. I'm wondering why you don't have more comments/followers!

    I love how far you have come on your journey!

    love, squirrel

  2. Hi ya

    Thanks for your comment, LDR's or those that are online i think get given a hard time and un-necessarily, i have very little tolerance for those that sit on their ivory tower judging other peoples relationships.

    I wander if perhaps because i am outspoken and very opinionated that this annoys people? Its not my intention to offend people!

    I do like reading others opinions it gives different perspectives whether one may agree or not.

    tori xx

  3. Hi tori,

    It could be people are offended and judge - sometimes they get that way easily although I have a hard time understanding why.

    I’ve read about some pretty mild 24/7 live-in relationships where the couple calls themselves M/s. It’s so mild I would rather be online only for the rest of my life than live in-person with something like that, but I would never criticize it if it’s what works for them.

    I like reading about others' opinions and experiences so I'll keep coming back. :-)

    love, squirrel