Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Feeling vunerable

Being in bondage makes me feels safe, it helps to ground me, its comforting knowing im where he wants me to be, i cant go anywhere i have to focus.  There doesnt necessarily have to be any s&m just the tightness of the ropes or the leather restraints is enough to give me the security i need, to escape, to just be....but mostly i love how vunerable it makes me feel.

I love to be hooded as well when in bondage, we have a great rubber hood that just has 2 thin nasel tubes for breathing, this emphasis my vunerability as he plays with my senses everything is more heightened, the brush of his hand, a knife tracing the skin, the unexpected sting of a whip, his fingers toying with me makes me feel more alive.

He grabs the nasel tubes and squeeezes them tight cutting off my air, i cant breathe, my breath is in his hands, i am completley at his mercy.....i am flying.  I love breath play because of the vunerability but yet i feel safe, it doesnt make sense they shouldnt go together should they really...being vunerable but feeling safe, but they do.   Im craving it now, i need him...soon..very soon.


  1. A lot of my feelings do not make sense to me but being vulnerable and feeling safe at the same time is a wonderful experience.

  2. hi dancingbarez

    i find it an odd combination but yes a wanderful experience, it is one of my favourite sensations.