Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dog poo duty

I need a rant!

The last week or so perhaps a bit longer i have noticed that there has been dog poo in my garden, well its actually the car parking area...but still my garden.  Each morning its there, its bugged pissed me off more when my daughter trod in on her way to school, so enough was enough..Miss Marple i became.

I got up earlier than normal this morning, usually its around 7am but today i was up at 6 and i am so definitley not a morning person but i was on a mission.  Grabbed a coffee sat in darkness in my kitchen and waited and my patience paid off, along came a man with dog, the dog meandered onto my garden and did his poo....the man staying on the pavement waiting.

So out i go armed with my nicely scented nappy sacks and called to him...politley..he turned and i asked him if he was going to pick his dogs mess up, he looked at me like i was clearly mad and stuttered about not having any bags.  No problem i proclaimed holding out my nappy sacks to which he stated he really didnt like picking up dogs mess!

Really! well fancy that i have yet to find anyone that does, but you have a dog you take responsibilty for it, he then turned to carry on walking.  Big mistake, i tried being polite and i think my request was reasonable so i called out to him that it was no problem i would pick it up and return it to him via his letterbox.

He picked it up. 


  1. Oh my goodness. Good for you!

  2. Thanks,i did a little victory dance when i went back in lol