Sunday, 7 October 2007

friday mmm

Well the weekend is over, in fact have not long got home and am still on a high, tired, sore and with a well bruised ass and marked breasts so definitley a great weekend in that respect. A lot to get my head round and i want to document the weekend here because it was a weekend of firsts for me and i want to look back and reflect on it as some of it in hindsight i wish i had handled or coped with differently.

I certainly am going to ask to be picked up from the station in future if we go to Bristol again, i really was not confident there, it was a big city and i felt out of place although i did manage to find Ann Summers and Boots and then i just found a spot to sit in and wait until He arrived because i just wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible. I wasnt nervous at all just really looking forward to seeing Him although yes it was in the back of my mind that i had the punishment coming but aside from that i just wanted to get to the hotel and do lots of deliciously naughty things.

The hotel was lovely and had a funny moment when we was given wrong key and walked into someone elses room who thankfully were not in the room at the time, i admit i was anxious to get into our room i just wanted to get to His cock and i think i can say the feeling was mutual, not because i wanted to avoid the punishment i knew i had to face it but well it wouldnt hurt to delay it a little while. I dont see it that i got my own way because it was just delaying the inevitable and He did whack me with the crop whilst i was sucking His cock yep i was a very happy slave at that point. I cant seem to recall the exact sequence of events i think we had a cup of tea and was lying on the bed talking and i remember Him saying it was time for the punishment and then i was nervous, the caning hurt but ooh god not sure if its wise to admit but not as bad as i expected.

The whip on the otherhand i bloody hate it (athough it can i found out later be very nice when used lightly) i was made to kneel and i knew it was going to be painful and in a way i didnt like, so it is definitley effective as i really didnt enjoy any aspect of it at all, i remember trying to get away but He yanked my hair back to keep me in position and the threat of more kept me in place. I went to go for a shower afterwards and Master entered and i knew He was going to piss on me and i would be expected to drink some, i love being peed on i enjoy the humiliation of it but i struggle with drinking but i did make the effort to take His cock into my mouth and drink some not a lot and that was a big step for me because i really dont like it. After the shower i was starting to get a little anxious as we was setting off to meet the couple and i was really on edge even though He had assurred me i would be fine i just wasnt excited at the prospect at all.

We found the pub and we had got there first and i was just on edge waiting for them to arrive and He spotted them first and they was instantly friendly and genuine, i think i had got myself so worked up i didnt anticipate them being so well ordinary. I immediatley felt at ease which definitley helped and i genuinley enjoyed their company as we talked over dinner, and we talked about a range of subjects before getting to the nitty gritty as i call it and i wasnt in the least bit nervous at that point. I did smile to myself when Malcolm said would we like to go back to their place for coffee it just made me think how going back for coffee is a common analogy for sex well not just sex in this case, and i was further amused when Master said yes and then asked me if i would like to i wandered what His reaction would have been if i had said no although i knew that wasnt an option at all.

Hmm now the first thing i noticed was the spanking/whipping bench and the implements laid out on a table and i was still feeling calm although naturally nervous expecially when He told me to remove my clothes and proceeded to attach wrist and ankle restraints, i was hoping that i would get some pain before going any further and yes i admit i wanted to get over the bench so was thrilled when He positioned me over it. He then started to flog me all over and i loved it apparentley too much as He started making it harder and i still loved it and managed to orgasm on the pain alone i didnt want it to stop, and whilst i was being flogged Alison was riding the pony which i could see from the position was in and could hear her cries/screams of pain/pleasure and that aroused me as well.

I cant seem to place the exact sequence of events i know Master removed me from the bench and Malcolm asked me to feel how wet Alison was whilst she was on the pony and i just thought "oh god here we go" and she was wet and i remember thinking i just wanted to get my hand away and after a bit moved until Master told me to lick her breasts and i really didnt want to at this point i was on edge but i did it well its not like i had a choice in the matter, and it was ok i could handle that i was just thinking of what i was going to have to do later.

I then got my turn on the pony and intially i liked it even when the wood pressed into my pussy i found it stimulating it was just the balancing i found difficult and trying to maintain a steady movement but overall i liked it, whilst i was on it Malcolm i think started teasing me and i was desperate to climax and i could hear Master flogging Alison and the more she was moaning the more i wanted to cum. I cant remember how long i was on it for but i recall eventually begging to be let off and at first was refused although i did get the orgasm i needed and then was allowed off. Ahh then Alison came over whilst i was sitting on bench and i was still blindfolded but i admit i enjoyed her attention having her lick and caress my nipples i was a little apprehensive when she started to move down to my pussy but by then i was away with the fairies so any nerves had gone and i really enjoyed it and climaxed very quickly.

The violet wand next and i really enjoyed that it was very stimulating although i imagine could be very painful if on high definitley something i want to explore more of, anyway then the time arrived Master had me kneel between Alisons legs and i was not looking forward to this one bit, i didnt like it and avoided sticking my tongue into her pussy instead focused on licking her clit i just wanted her to cum as quickly as possible to get it over and done with, yes i was wet but then thats not unusual given the situation i was in, i was on a high from the whole experience. When she did cum ooh i just dont like the taste i avoided having to lick her clean and moved away as soon as i thought i could feasibly get away with it. I was then caned for coming without permission and Master used one of Malcolms canes which was umm very nice and i found myself laughing something i havent done before as i remember now as i write that i laughed during the flogging earlier the more it hurt the more i laughed i was just revelling in the pain and surprised myself how much i enjoyed being beaten by Him in front of others something i was unsure of the prospect of before.

Afterwards i climbed up onto the sofa to cuddle with Master and He was aroused and Alison came accross and started to rub His cock and well i knew that the same was expected of me with Malcolm so i moved accross to Him and proceeded to suck His cock. He moved me onto the floor so we was in effect in a 69 position, what was notable was that i had dried up and was not in the least aroused something of a first for me but no disrespect towards Malcolm but he just didnt do anything for me sexually at all. However what did surprise me was i was getting aroused through listening to Master and Alison as i wasnt sure at all before how i would feel about Him being with another women but it turned me on and i would have preferred to have been able to watch them and as i was listening i proceeded to masturbate and bring myself off whilst attending to Malcolm which i admit was somewhat of a chore, it was a relief when he did cum because i wasnt enjoying it.

So all in all it was a very enjoyable experience and i cant really pinpoint what i enjoyed the most in fact would be easier to say what i didnt which was going down on Alison (uch just dont like the taste) however i concede and admit that i would have rather had to do that again than suck Malcolm. It made me realise a lot about myself that i was unsure of and i would say that most notably was the fact that i really got off on Master hurting another women and watching Him sexually with another women, it appealed to the voyeurer in me something i didnt realise was there in the first place.

well thats it for now so much to put down and i want to write it down whilst its all fresh in my mind but it was definitley a packed weekend.

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