Tuesday, 16 October 2007

getting my own way?

Whilst talking with Him today references was made about me not having everything my own way and i didnt think i did always get my own way, although i do have to on reflection admit yes of course im happy when things go the way i like or should i say im enjoying whatever He is doing to me. I do i guess in a way try (note try)to manipulate Him into doing what i like but in my defence i dont think i do it intentionally umm ok apart from when we met up last i was determined i was going to get to suck His cock before He punished me and it went the way i wanted it to well ok not exactly the way i wanted it to i was hoping to talk Him out of using the whip but figured it was best not to push my luck at the time.

I remember a few days ago Him saying that with all that has happened since the weekend we met (the negative things) He wouldnt be anymore easier on me because of what happened and it actually never occurred to me that He would anyway and i wouldnt want Him to be. Of course when He is being cruel in a way i like thats a bonus and naturally im happy but then there are times He can be cruel and sadistic in ways i hate and when He is in one of those moods i dont think anything i say or do will sway Him from what He wants so no i dont think i get my own way because if it wasnt going the way He wanted it simply wouldnt happen.

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