Wednesday, 10 October 2007

saturday night and needles

On the way back to the hotel we stopped off at a pub for dinner and we was both very aroused and He told me that on getting back to the hotel later He was going to hurt me some more and harder i wanted this and in a strange way i needed it. Master asked me to change into basque and knicker set that i had bought whilst He collected the kit from the car, i was not as nervous as i thought i would be as i knew that He was going to use the needles and i was actually keen to try them, mostly i think because i know how much He enjoys them and i did feel that i had maybe let Him down a little earlier and wanted to make it up to Him.

He bent me over the chair and told me that He was going to flog me very hard and He did straight from the offset and it hurt and i was gripping on to the chair i wanted to endure as much as i could, was getting more harder to bear when He aimed between my legs. It was ok until He started using the belt for some reason i really have trouble with the belt i just cant seem to handle it very well and it wasnt long before i was squirming and begging Him to stop. Of course as usual i was wet and well time for the needles, He sat me on a chair with Him sitting opposite i was blindfolded i didnt think i could handle watching them go in and at this point i was nervous and my hands were behind my back gripping onto the chair. The first needle as it went in was not what i expected much like a pinch on the skin and i was comfortable with it, the second a little more intense and i was apprehensive, He put 2 in each breasts above the nipple and then removed the blindfold. What struck me was it felt like they had gone in underneath the nipple but hadnt, they didnt really do much for me seeing them but when He removed them and there was a little blood that i found arousing a great deal.

I was pleased with myself it was something that i had always said was a no-no and the only reason i didnt have needles as a hard limit was because i knew that He really liked them and i wanted maybe oneday to be ready to try them i just didnt expect it to be this soon and to like it as much as i did. Needless to say with us both horny we retired to bed for a deliciously naughty session and im not going to go into details somethings are best left unsaid (and im lost in yummy memories) god why is He never contactable when i need to cum like now.

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