Tuesday, 16 October 2007

bits and pieces

Have got a date fixed to meet again with Master so im focusing on that now, its possible we may meet up with Malcolm and Alison again and im not sure really how i feel about that, i liked them and am happy to do so but because i know December is ruled out for me for meeting Him so therefore its likely to be January i want Him to myself as it will be a while until we meet up again.

The advantage to meeting them is noise isnt so much of a problem however even in the hotels i dont really worry about that as much as i think He does, my theory is we dont have to go back there again and its not like they know us so i couldnt care less. I would like to try a harder caning im curious to see how much i can handle i think when He caned me as a punishment because i had gotten it into my head that it was going to be really bad when i was actually caned it wasnt that awful in fact it was umm quite nice (probably will come to regret this admittance). Its certainly still my favourite implement and i want to try all the possible different types of canes there are available, i have my eye on a fibre glass one that is meant to be very painful even when used lightly and well i like to put these theories to the test.

I would like to alter our profiles and update it and i would definitley like the comment "she particularly enjoys anal play" removed, i dont enjoy it, i hate it, i dont like having things up my ass apart from His cock. I have asked to have it removed but He wont allow it, i should just have removed it myself as i dont think He actually looks at our profile but i cant now because He knows i want it removed. The strange thing is i thought i would like anal play (as i do enjoy anal sex a lot) but i dont at all in fact i would be very happy if i never had anything up my ass again, and as for the inflatable butt plug it is just so tempting to put lots of pinpricks in it but i dont think He would see the funny side if i did and believe me i have really thought about it and weighed up the consequences of doing so.

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