Wednesday, 25 September 2013

i think......i dont think

I had my first session with a therapist this morning, and it was interesting, im not sure how i feel about it, but its early days.

Near the end of the session she asked me "are you a nice person?" and straightaway i replied with "i think so" and she pointed out to me that since the beginning of the session i have a tendency to preface a lot of my thoughts with "i think...." or "i dont think" in a manner that lacks confidence, that im seeking validation, that its ok to think what i do.

She has given me a task to complete before the next session, to list 10 positive things about myself that i know, that i have confidence in....and i havent started it yet.   Until this was pointed out to me i hadnt given it any thought, i suppose its become a habit, and i have been stewing on this since this mornings session.

And bloody hell, yes i do it a lot, when i talk to people, when i blog, reply to comments, comment elsewhere....but i dont think im not sure (there, that better!) its always because of a lack of confidence or needing validation...or rather i didnt think (ooops there i go again) that until she brought it im feeling paranoid...something else for me to overthink!

So now im going to be overly conscious of saying it or not saying it...ffs!


  1. Huh...i never realized the correlation between that little phrase and what it portrays...reading this it brought to mind a habit of my own with never saying "yes" or "no" to anything. I always have a "well I think thatd be fun but if you dont want to we dont have to" kind of answer. For me it's not so much a lack of confidence in myself though so much as a lack of confidence in whether or not im making someone else happy.
    Very interesting post its got me thinking alot now...

  2. lol pyxie

    i dont think it means anything more than simply saying its what one thinks...and im feeling patronised now that she made it an issue when really its not.

    Sure i overthink, i know that, its the way i am but mostly when i say "i think" its because thats what i think! lol


  3. Tori, thank you for sharing this because it's given me food for thought as this is something I do a lot too.


    1. I do too....a helava lot apparently lol

      But i dont think it has anything to do with what the therapist said....its simply how i speak..but boy am i concious of it now lol