Tuesday, 1 May 2012

To tweet or twittter woooooo

My mate is attempting to drag me into the modern way of communicating, i got facebook i dont use it if it wasnt the for the fact that i get to know what my teenage son is up to i would delete the account, everytime i do log on im getting requests to help with farming or other randomness!!!wtf am i missing something? ok i admit i did get kind of addicted to this stupid bubble popping game so stupid and simple but so addictive...i had to wean myself off it...yes i know sad.

Now the mate is insisting that i get twitter which i have never looked at, apparently its the new way to keep in touch (are phones out of date now?) on probing mate further as to what the point is she couldnt give me a reasonable answer.  What am i supposed to twitter about..seriously my life isnt that exciting, get up,  make breakfast, go work, come home, housework, cook dinner, catch up with everybodys day and go bed.....alright ok throw a bit of sex and kink in but its not like thats a constant part of my everyday life..well maybe in some form or another its present....but mostly its yep same shit, different day.

Finally get to why its crucial i get twitter, the mate would like twitter but she doesnt want to be on her own! she needs a follower and this is where i come in apparentley i need to be her first follower, im still not entirely convinced, firstly you can only type about one sentence...really this is me we are talking about i need like 3 paragraphs to get my point accross! the fact that what im trying to say could be summed up in one sentence is entirely irrelevant.

On the upside she assures me there is no games or farming ville to irritate me, but still what exactly am i meant to twitter or is it tweet, ok i get that its a form of communicating much like this blog in a way although here its rambled thoughts and i can write as much or as little as i like, if i was twittering right now what i would i put..oh yes "still no bloody orgasms" the bossman is being very stubborn and infuriating with his analness which is irritating the life out of me right now....and in other news i have toothache i am putting off going to the dentists for as long as possible well until im forced to go.

So anyway the mate is coming around this afternoon for round 2 in convincing me i need to twitter, i shall get the wine out...i think im going to need it.


  1. A couple of glasses of wine and you will be tweeting by the end of the day. Good luck.

    1. lol dancingbarez i have resisted the temptation so far..even under the influence of alcohol!