Thursday, 10 May 2012

ooooh yeah its not just me that messes up

Gutted...apparently i was meant to be having a date with the outside whipping post and i dread to think what else tomorrow night but a fuck up on his part....oooh yes him not me can i just repeat that... he who is so precise, organised and anal messed up...not that im taking enjoyment from his mistake you understand....but yeah the big bad dom got it wrong..ok i shall stop with the smugness now.

He had it all organised, i have been kept on the edge for longer than i want to dwell on, getting me all wound up ready for a nice long hard session which he tends to do when its going to be intense and.......he is on a week long course which starts tomorrow not the Friday after which is what i was yea im guessing im going to have to wait that little bit longer....come to think of it why am i being smug its just longer to keep me hanging on..dammit.


  1. You are a brave, brave woman to write this post. Like poking a bear brave i imagine.

    1. hi ya greengirl

      lol well thankfully we both have a similar sense of humour so i wouldnt get into trouble for this post, its more playful than outright disrespectful if that makes sense.

      Plus one of the good things about this blog is im allowed to write freely (yes within reason) but this means i can have my rants etc without the fear of repurcussions.


  2. It's kinda Funny...Omega has always told mouse that her thoughts in her blog were her own too...

    Until she got into trouble for posting something (long time ago). Suddenly, her thoughts weren't her own -- at least not entirely.

    But ya...mouse would do much the same thing...because we all know from reading mouse's blog that Mr Omega is oooooh soooooo organized!!

    It is worth a giggle when they screw up the plans...because honestly the fly in his ointment is usually mouse.


    1. Oh mouse i have got into trouble once but a while back now and he commented on the post to express his disappointment and bearing in mind he will very very rarely comment i knew i had gone too far.

      But yes sometimes its not easy to resist a giggle when they umm mess up lol but in a light hearted way....i have laughed at some of your posts with Omegas organisation i think one in particular which had me chuckling out loud was an old post about him labelling everything when he first moved in.

      tori x