Monday, 28 May 2012

Basic white sauce

White sauce is the basis for many other sauces, cheese, curry, onion and many others it just takes adding the necessary ingredients to get the desired sauce, you can adapt it, add less or more flavourings as is desired but the white sauce is the constant..its the starting point..its the basic.

Sometimes i need to go back to basics in my relationship, the exchange of power is the 'white sauce' everything else is added ingredients, i know im guilty of making things more complicated than they need to be, i overthink and i dont think that will change perhaps it will just lessen over time.  The basics is i am submissive, i enjoy and need to be dominated, to have that comfort and security of being owned, its these feelings that led me to where i am now everything else are additions to our dynamic but they are not the core of it.

I have a tendency to look for s/m to ground me and i will ask for it to refocus me but i dont think thats the answer, sure mostly a good beating has the effect of 'instant submission' it provokes those intense feelings but its not a solution to when im feeling that i need some sort of reaffirmation of who i am and/or what my place is because thats always there its just sometimes like the white sauce can get lumpy, i can get overwhelmed or simply over complicated.


  1. That was a good explanation of how you need the white sauce. Hope you can avoid getting it lumpy.


    1. thanks FD

      oh i always try to avoid lumps sometimes without success lol

      tori x

  2. It's called roux and pronounced rue, a combination of butter and flour. Technically I believe it's a beschamel, one of the five mother sauces.