Monday, 14 May 2012

Oh yes now i remember

Its turned out for the best that Friday night wasnt able to happen as i woke up that morning full of cold and to be blunt feeling shit, so definitley in no fit state for any play.  I have found that ever since i had the flu a few years back which developed into pnemonia when i get a cold it tends to go straight to my chest and invariably i get a chest im being good and resting, drinking lots of water etc etc to try and keep it from getting worse.

So i have been taking things easy and catching up with friends, reading and replying to emails which im terribly slack at and an im (instant messenger) popped up saying hello, how are you?, initially i didnt recognise the nic used but i knew it must be someone i know on some level as i dont give out my im details to just anyone and i need Masters permission to do so in the first place....if its someone other than family and close friends.

Being curious and embarrassed i had to ask them who they were and it was a man who we had met with a few years before with his wife but had lost contact, so we chatted for a while catching up, he is  primarily a submissive male but was curious about dominating but not his wife, his wife was i would say the dominant but yet it wasnt something she felt comfortable being referred as, they were back when we first met still exploring D/s and were more kink orientated than any form of dynamic being present.

I recall feeling like we was a novelty act not in a horrible way but although they were competent in the area of kink they enjoyed they had never interacted with anyone in an M/s relationship and they found us fascinating, when we arranged to meet up for the purpose of play (she wanted to learn how to use a cane, cue me the guinea pig!) the look on their faces when we turned up complete with me in collar and lead and then promptly kneeling at his feet when he sat down was priceless!....i dont generally go around with a collar and lead but when we was meeting people its what put me at ease, they were i guess my security blanket, they made me feel safe and i always kneel at his feet when its appropriate to do so.  He said they was expecting us to turn up in full on leather gear!!! lol the only time Master wears leathers is when he is going on his bike, apparently we looked 'normal' apart from the collar and lead.

So it was nice chatting to him having a catch up talking about the good times we all got up to, he did tell me that he still had a desire to dominate (but still bottom to his wife) but his wife wasnt too keen on him having his own sub and she herself didnt want him dominating her, i didnt know what to say to that it must i imagine be very difficult to be in that situation which is basically what i said to him.  We talked about experience, he wants to gain experience in dominating but is unable to, it led to an interesting conversation on experience which is actually what i was going to post about but it just didnt flow that way when i started writing so another time as it did make me ponder a few things.


  1. You have to ask permission to talk to people online? seems a bit over the top to me.


    1. hi claire

      I think the thing is that there are so many various ways that people conduct their dynamics, it may seem over the top to you but for us its not a big deal at all, its just a different way of exerting his control or/and of being protective.