Thursday, 3 May 2012

For the best..old and new challenges

The weekend couldnt come quick enough its been an emotional week at work, the little autistic chap i work with has had his final assessment and its concluded that he will be unable to go any further through mainstream school.  I sat and wrote my opinions on Monday evening after putting it off for as long as possible, and i know he would be better off in an environement that is more suited to his needs and that we (the school) are unable to meet those needs any further so yes its all for the best..i know that.

His mum is so upset and thats hit me the hardest, she is desperate for him to fit in, she wanted him to continue where he is, she came to me last week looking for my support, to back her up and i couldnt give her that, i have become attached to the little chap and its upset me but i couldnt let my emotions cloud whats best for him, and i feel so very sorry for his mum that she thinks everyone is against every mum she wants the best for her child, im hoping she will realise that this is all being done (placing him with a suitable special school) because we want the best for him to.

I love my job very much and i know realistically im not a failure, but yea a part of me feels what could i have done better, could i have done more but i cant dwell on that im going to make the most of spending the next 2 months with him before we break up for summer and he moves on.  More forms and assesments to do, try as best as possible to help him adjust to moving to a new school, we are going to visit it next week to start the process of helping him to adjust easier.

In the meantime im working with another child that has really bad behavioural problems, after spending 10 minutes in the company of the parents i can fully understand why he is having behavioural problems, but its not my place to judge...but we all do i think to one degree or another.  Im inclined to think its the parents that need working on their behaviour not the child but never mind its a new challenge and i will do my best.


  1. I wish we had someone like you at my sons school. It would make things so much easier.


    1. hi mia

      Thankyou it can be a struggle at times but mostly its rewarding, i love working with children and my job overall which makes a huge difference i think.