Sunday, 5 August 2012


When i wrote the post about abortion i knew it was a sensitive subject and controversial but i did not write it for the controversy, its something that i feel strongly about, have experience with and its been on my mind a fair bit because of my niece.

I wont apologise for what i wrote, i stand by every word, when i write a post i write what im feeling or what may be relevant to whats going on in my head at that time, i may get inspiration from reading other blogs and occassionally i may dig out unpublished posts (i have too many just sitting there).  I guess what im saying is as much as i appreciate the comments and i do very much so, and i enjoy opinions and interacting but i dont write for popularity, i dont dwell on how many followers i have, what my stats are however i do care about offending or/and upsetting people unintentionally.

The abortion post caused me to do something i have said i never would, i have started moderating comments before they are posted..well i was told to....but i had no argument there and it turns out it was for the best.  This isnt about censoring a persons opinions because i disagree with them, i actually enjoy healthy debate but on this occassion i allowed my emotions over what is a sensitive subject to get the better of me and it started to get nasty, i take some of the responsibility for letting it head that way.

Anyway normal service is resumed....well my kind of normal.


  1. Good for you tori for not apologizing. It is such a shame that there is still so much ignorance in the world that intelligent conversations can not be held without things becoming nasty. As long as that continues to happen little to no progress or understanding can be achieved. I applaud you for the post despite the potential and as it turns out, actual controversy.

    1. Thanks faerie, i didnt want it to turn nasty it wasnt written for that purpose but unfortunatley ignorance is something there is a lot of in this world.


  2. I think there is a rather large difference between a nice spirited debate and someone just wanting to be rude.
    It is so hard not to get sucked into the circle of crap. And if moderating comments helps to avoid that, then I say do whatever works!

    It's your personal thinking spot so you get to say whatever you want.

    And for what it's worth, I liked that post and agree with what you had to say on the subject.

  3. Thankyou lil

    I did have a period of thinking i shouldnt have posted it but this is my little thinking spot (love that term) and although i certainly dont expect everyone to agree with me i dont want blatant rudeness either.