Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mish mash of vanilla and kink

The cake baking has gone relatively well, its definitely confirmed my daughter makes the better cake...although one i did looked better, hers tasted better..but its all about the taste so she wins...and she is enjoying letting me know that.    In 3 days 5 cakes have been made, so one just has to hope we can pull it off on Tuesday when we make it in class!..the only niggle i have left is i have an electric oven and the school ones are gas, so im not sure about if that will make a big difference or not.

Is it possible for ones mouths/jaws to shrink?  because when Master went to put the ball gag in my mouth it wouldnt fit at all!!! and its the same one we have always had, im not complaining, ball gags are not my favourite type of gags....being a drooling mess is not appealing, even though he would disagree, and they are not as comfortable as penis gags, i love them.

My sons funds/loan for university came through, its a scary thought that at 18 he has a huge loan waiting to be paid off before he has even started working!  im very proud of him, but im also very worried, over silly things...will he eat healthy, get enough sleep, keep on top of washing his clothes, not waste his money on crap....i know....i shouldnt but i am......he is however close enough to come home at weekends should he want to, and i figure the clothes that need washing will be coming home with him!

I bought a new sex toy, we have a vibrating remote controlled egg, but this looks more fun..

Butterfly in your panties

I like remote controlled toys such as these, are great fun when out, not knowing when he might press the button, could be doing something very mundane when suddenly *ping* and your struggling to compose yourself in what might be a very public not a huge fan of public humiliation, but this is the closest to it im comfortable with, because no-one knows except the two of us.