Wednesday, 1 April 2015

We could turn this into a continual loop, you know!

Thanks to gg (greengirl) for nominating me for the real neat blog award....i have been laughing thinking about the continual loop..but i wont, i promise lol

The rules, i have followed them previously, now im going to be a rule-breaker.....i figure if your on my blog-roll, i like your blog, consider yourself nominated.

the questions from gg (this is fun, different)

1) If you were going to create a blog award, what would it be called or be about?

Im not so sure what snazzy title i would give it, but it would be for new blogs, welcoming those that have just started, i know how daunting it can be for some starting out in blogging, especially in respect of ttwd, so yeah something along those lines, mouse over at the power exchange used to do a series of posts called newbie Tuesday, i thought and still think thats a wonderful idea....can always learn something, no matter even how long one has been at this.

2)  How would you describe your style of decorating.

oh gosh, um well, this is quite an old house, huge ceilings, fireplaces in quite a few of the rooms, lots of the original features from Victorian times, and i like to try to decorate in a way that is sensitive to that period but with a modern twist.  I love looking around antique shops, finding something different, unique, i like art, paintings and sculptures, Damien Hirst being an artist im enthusiastic about the moment.

3)  If you could have your dream job/occupation, what would it be?

In government, but in a position that i would have an influence over the education here in the UK, it really does need a huge upheaval imo.

4)  Are there any people in your (vanilla) life who you think might actually be kinky, or who you look at and think "no way, but, yet maybe.."?

My oldest brother, things other the years that has been said, that have left me wondering, more especially what his ex-wives (he has 3, on the 4th now, or is it 5th..hmm im not sure lol) have said about him, i could totally see him being a dominant in the respect of D/s.

5)  Where would you put yourself (the sum total of your relationship) on a spectrum from incredibly stern and rigid to teasing and lighthearted?

In the middle, but closer to stern and rigid than teasing and lighthearted, we have lots of fun for sure, but he is strict, firm, i am under no illusions you could say of what/where my place is, and im happy with that.

6)  If you had a fairly close friend with whom you really could discuss these types of things, do you think you would still blog?

yes, definitely, i love the interaction, the different perspectives that you cant get from one person alone, the variety of the blogs i follow,  plus Master reads my blog so its another method of communication, insight etc

7)  If you had more time (in your day, in your week, in your life) what would you do differently?

Not now, as its too late, but going back, i would not have worked as much as i did when my children were smaller (pre-school age) i missed out on a lot, i would have worked, but part-time.


  1. Hi Tori, these were fantastic questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. Love your answer to the first one. What a wonderful idea!


    1. thanks Roz, i loved the questions, different


  2. tori - awesome answers - thank you. Once you fix education there - could you come here too??

    1. they were awesome questions, really enjoyed them

      i shall be over, why stop at just the UK.....when there is a whole world to be changed lol