Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cool, calm and collected

Thats me, not him..i can be too, enough to go back and be rational with my fact rant in response to a comment, so im going to look at the know all this positive April means May does not bode well :)

1)  Everyones relationship is unique to them

Well, sincerely thank goodness for that, wouldnt it be a boring world if we were all the same, for a start blogging would not be as interesting if we all thought and did exactly the same!  Personally i enjoy reading about others relationships, how they work etc, i find it interesting to hear others perspectives on things, variety is the spice of life it is true that is!

2)  Saying my Master/Mistress wouldnt treat me like that because they care comments

This pretty much applies to the above, how a dominant treats their sub/slave or whatever will differ, i personally would not want a dominant that treated me like a princess and pandered to my every whim, that only did things to me that i wanted or enjoyed.....i like to be dominated, not dictate how im dominated.

3)  Rituals etc..boring or not?

I love kink, bdsm, but those are not what makes my relationship M/s, its having rituals, rules, discipline and being controlled that for me are what makes it M/s, other wise it would just be a relationship with kink in it.  Rituals provide consistency, keep me grounded, aware of the power exchange, enforce the dynamic, they may well be boring to others, but i like the reminders they give me of my place.

4)  Unhealthy relationships

Yes well, im happy, content, loved, i dont live in fear, so for me its all good, if one is unhappy and living in real fear then its not good at all, i understand that some people might read here and be uncomfortable, ok, i get that, if you really have a problem with something i blog about, honestly as long as your not 'judgy' in your comment im more than happy to provide further comment without sarcasm.

5)  harmful s/m

Ok, being tied up, having my boobs tied up, is safe, have had them tied up and abused for years, and they are still in darn good shape if i must say so myself, it might not be someones thing, and thats ok, there is plenty out there that does not appeal for me.

But be careful not to say that something is harmful unless you have the proof to back that statement up, and that applies to any form of s/m, of course people may have particular health issues whereby something could be potentially harmful in which case common sense applies.

Now why didnt i just respond like this in the first place...all nice and calm....coz i can do it!


  1. I think being nice and calm with people like that is hard!

    I'm interested to see what May will bring! Lol.

  2. This is awesome Tori, I love your positive response to your previous post. Very well said and I agree with all the points you raised. I too love the fact that we are all different and enjoy reading about others relationships and what works for them.

    I'm sure May can be a positive blogging month too :)


  3. Love your responses!!!!

    I especially love that some things are not for everyone and that it is okay.