Sunday, 19 April 2015

Has blogger lost its marbles

We got together in 2005, i checked back through some very old correspondence, thats 10 years right?

Not according to blogger, or maybe my brain.

Spent a part of last night going through old posts, well i have been muttering to myself for years that i should do tags for posts so i can find ones i want easier.

Long story short, it was more hassle than its worth, or maybe its just that im crap with computers and have no patience..anyway, i wrote a post celebrating us being together 5 years, but the post was published 3 years ago!

Thinking i must be going mad, i went into the published posts list and there is the post, the date 5 years ago! and its not just that one, but recent posts, like the one i made about s/m and the law...that in the published list was dated as being published last week...which it wasnt, it was like...a month ago!

Besides that, blogger has me following no one again, but then im used to that, keep refreshing and eventually my blog list appears, but now it has posts coming up from old blogs...blogs that are no longer active and havent been for a long time.....and its pages of the same having to scroll down over and over to get to a recent blog post from someone that is active.

And no i am not on the wine!

But im going to be now.

Ps.. yes i have comments to reply to and i a bit behind.

oh ffs now its not updating at latest blog roll is from 2 days ago.

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  1. Oh yes, the trials of blogger. The pages of posts from inactive blogs bugs the shit out of me!