Friday, 3 April 2015

Coz it does my head in

Fact:  everyones relationship is unique to them, just because you dont 'get' it, dont knock it and dont judge

Fact:  dont state that a particular activity in s/m is harmful when you clearly dont have a clue..fucking safety police who dont know what they are talking about

Fact:  saying in a comment "oh my Master/Mistress/God/ruler supreme/best dom ever...wouldnt treat me like that because he cares about how i feel"  is condescending, and you just come across as a twat!

Fact:  for some people having rituals is important to them, they have meaning, perhaps its a way of expressing/acknowledging the power exchange, whatever the reason, it might be tedious and boring to you, and thats fine, but im not you

Fact:  i really couldnt give a toss if you think my relationship is unhealthy....stop reading here! simple!

right, thats me done until the Easter holidays are over.

yes i do feel better now, ta

*really should learn to ignore it, i know, but sometimes it just gets too much*


  1. Truth!! Hate the "my Dom would never treat me that way". Good for you! I cum the hardest when my Dom does THAT!

  2. Tori,

    You tell them. I have the same peeves!


  3. WTF? I have never gotten comments like that. I don't understand...what drives that? I am so sorry. You don't deserve that!


  4. Ahhh Tori, sorry people are peopling you out.

  5. People can be incredibly judgmental to what they cannot comprehend.

  6. Sounds like ignorance at its best.