Friday, 24 April 2015

Summer loving

He wouldnt set me up to fail, and it took reading comments on the last post to remind me of that.....and this is what i like about blogging, sometimes it just takes someone to say something to make you think, to see perhaps what you cant see yourself.

Would i now accept the challenge or indeed any future ones? no i wouldnt to be honest, its me, i dont like uncertainty or the risk of consequences...that being the biggest reason, i got a sense that he was disappointed that i didnt, and i do feel guilty about that but it was a choice he gave me, so i shouldnt feel bad for saying no.

Ironically, or maybe not, since writing that post i earnt a punishment, i dont think i deserved it, and im pissed because i was and have been trying to be good and i made a mistake, one silly mistake, not intentional..but its still April so yeah positive!.

So tori, what positive thing shall we talk about...goodness know i need some inspiration!

Well, the weather has been beautiful here, and my mate had the week off, so we have been making the most of it for the last few days, had lunches overlooking the harbour, walks on the beach, sat eating ice cream and people watching.

I read a post over at DelFonte and she posted a picture of a sculpture, and i asked where it was taken, and bloody hell that is near me! the Eden project, which i have been to quite a few times, on school trips as well as with the family, so i said to my mate we should go again, as we have been there the two of us before..well sort will understand why in a minute, but im going to track down that sculpture :)

Anyway it got us talking about when we did go there together last, there is a zip wire there, the longest in England and i talked her into going on it....she was scared, me i love the thrill of things like that, roller coasters etc.  We decided to do that first before entering the actual Eden Project itself.

So off we go, and she pees herself, literally wets herself, and ok, i laughed, i know shame on we didnt actually get to go around the Eden project on that occasion!

But she says she will get her revenge by making me go up on one of the platform in the bio domes, which is really high up and although i know the walkway is safe, it moves and i dont like heights at all, which i know sounds odd as i like roller coasters and such..but you move so fast you dont notice it!....however i will not be wetting my knickers.....i hope!


  1. My eldest wanted to do the zip wire but she's too young. The walkway wasn't too high and the vegetation made it seem less high. I'm not great with heights, so I freaked out a little at Tintagel, climbing all those steep steps and the bridge over the cove too.
    Sometimes it feels easier not getting choices. I tell the kids they have to do things they don't want to do, like exams and test, but that's life. Choices always lead to what if type thoughts!

    1. Oh i love Tintagel, there are a lot of little villages in Cornwall that i havent visited but would like to.

      You will have to come back when she is a little older lol

      Yes you are right, that is indeed life, we cant always get what we want!


  2. Sounds like an adventure, hope you have a good weekend.

    1. oh we always have an adventure lol

      thanks, and i hope yours was a good one


  3. Hi Tori, sorry that you earned a punishment but glad you have been enjoying some time with your friend. Sounds like an awesome place to visit!


    1. hi Roz

      yeah well, still dont think i deserve it lol

      It is a lovely place, would definitely recommend it.