Saturday, 17 August 2013

Out there.....underground

Lil wrote a post that i left a comment on, and i wanted to write more but well it would be so long (its long enough already lol) i will leave my thoughts here.

There is a term used here in the UK i really dont know if its used elsewhere named Ultraviolence, when InformedConsent was around (the UK's largest bdsm site) Ultraviolence was one of the most popular groups on it, there was a club that hosted Ultraviolent evenings, it was often sold out.

It became a trend, its probably been around for years, but called something else..pretty much like bdsm years ago pre-internet when it was knowing the right person, or knowing where to look.

Ultraviolence generally caters to those that enjoy flesh on flesh, punches, kicks, being thrown around a room, fighting...basically activities that are mostly associated as being abusive, but as with any aspect of bdsm, what separates from anything being abusive is consent, and also that it is enjoyed and wanted.

The link above contains much more about it than i can, and also the archives of the site in general is great for information (not just ultraviolence).


  1. I have not seen that type of play in US.


    1. there are quite a few places over here that cater to it..not everyones cup of tea for sure lol