Friday, 29 February 2008 week to go!!!

If He had to use physical force all the time to get me to comply with what He wants then wouldnt that imply im not submissive?, being dominated (in the context of a M/s relationship) isnt about having to be physically forced to do something, dictionary definition of submissive: inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly. I dont need to be beaten/forced into submission i submit to Him willingly, that being said im not perfect and on occassions i have verbally attempted to resist but as said before in previous post this gets me nowhere. I do the things i may not want to do because to put it simply i dont have a choice, i chose to become His slave willingly and i suppose it could be said that was one of the last choices i was able to make in our relationship.

A quote from Him which He posted in blog in reply to a verbal tantrum i had:

"having chosen to be a SLAVE, you gave up all rights, within our agreed limits, to decide what you will and will not do"

That about sums it up really.


  1. The whole concept of these games is based on power exchnge, that is to say giving up our power to another and it's about degrees.

    For some people, it's no more than having their arms pinned above their heads by their lover's hands when they make love. For others, it's about having power physically taken away from them whilst they resist. For my beautiful little slut, it's about giving it up voluntarily to someone she has learned to respect.

    For me, a sadist, I enjoy hurting people. I find cries, screams and protests of those in pain an amazing experience. There is a big BUT for me. I could never hurt someone who did not desire it. I find it even more erotic to be ASKED for pain.

    Have you never enjoyed a slap on the ass or a pinch on the nipples perhaps hard enough to cause a litle pain? One person's "rough sex" is another persons normal sex!

    Master D

  2. hello

    Thankyou for replying, what about pain though she doesnt desire?

    I like the idea of being spanked that seems quite erotic but I havent tried it bit embarrassing to mention it to my boyfriend.

    Do you like being spanked? like as in accross the knee that questions for her obviously?

    And being nosy what is happening in one week?

  3. hi Helen

    you may have to wait a while for Him to reply (im actually shocked He responded in the first place).

    I have nothing against being spanked although i do find it humiliating to be spanked in the scenario you gave (ie otk) i associate it with being treated as a child and i dont like that. Thankfully its only something He has done once.

    That being said there is nothing wrong with wanting it and spanking in that context is very popular and it doesnt necessariy have to be about extreme pain, it can be very erotic as He said its about degrees. How far you want or feel able to go.

    As to not mentioning it to your boyfriend, thats a tricky one although try testing the waters, have you watched the film Secretary if not do and watch it with Him, good conversation starter maybe?

    Your not nosy, your curious and i understand that, im meeting with Him this weekend so less than a week now.

  4. hello tori

    Does he not reply a lot then?

    I havent watched that film but would like to but a good idea, thankyou.

    Are you worried about the weekend then what with you know the punishment, you could argue its not something you desire as he said himself he couldnt hurt someone who didnt desire it?

  5. hi Helen, no He doesnt post and He is usually more suspicious than me of people whereas i will chat o a certain degree.

    Im not overly worried at the moment although this will probably change as the time comes closer, i try not to worry over what is inevitable.

    I did smile at your suggestion, and i admit that it did cross my mind also to point that out to Him when i read His reply to you, however He will have an answer to that i assure you.

  6. hi

    You have removed the post that I was going to reply to why?, you sounded really well angry/upset, would he be angry with what you had written?

    I admire you, you must have a lot of confidence.