Thursday, 14 February 2008

last reply to annonymous

blimey annonymous dont give up do you?

First of all im assuming you are using the word abuse in a negative context, ie. a women being beaten by her partner and living in fear of his temper and mood swings, which is abuse and sadly very common. The difference between that scenario and the nature of mine and His relationship is at all times He is in control of Himself and the situation, He has never struck me in temper or anger in fact i have not known Him to be angry or indeed lose His temper with me at all, its not in His nature. Putting punishments aside for the time being, i am very comfortable in asking Him to beat me and i very often do and being that He is a sadist very rarely if at all has He refused my requests, so yes overall i enjoy it and get very aroused, but its not just the pain its the environment, i like to be controlled/dominated so as much as it may appear to be a one-sided relationship i get just as much out of it as He does, albeit in a different context.

As for hating Him, no. I have on occassion told Him i do and swore at Him in response to what He may be doing to me, but the reality is im usually afterwards very compliant and content because im getting what i need and i have touched on this subject in previous posts in many ways i enjoy being treated in what i guess you would deem an abusive manner.

right this will be the last reply to any comments you may choose to make.

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