Wednesday, 13 February 2008

for annonymous

ok annonymous i will give you the benefit of the doubt and reply to your queries.

No, He did not make me remove the post, although He did make me realise that i had responded a little more harsh than was called for so i decided to remove it, He does have access to this blog and if He wanted it removed then He could and would. Our names dont appear as we know who we are, He is Master and i am slave are names are irrelevant and in most blogs of this type of content rarely are real names used.

The question of consent can vary from one persons idea to the next so i can only say how i feel about it and how it reflects on us. I chose to be His slave and therefore knew i was giving up the "right" to pick and choose what He can do to me (within pre-agreed limits) of which there are few anyway. I could refuse to accept the punishment He decides but that would be seriously detrimental to our relationship, i know how i behaved was wrong and therefore accept the consequences, do i want it? of course i dont, its not going to be nice but thats the point, do i need it?......yes because i disobeyed and it has been a re-occuring fault of mine. Im scared of course i am but thats a natural instinct when facing something you know your not going to like or are unsure of, but once its over well hopefully then i get to do the things i like doing.

He doesnt post on the blog although He has made one comment on one of the entries (cant remember offhand which one), if He wanted to post im sure He would but the blog was set up originally for me to put down my thoughts /ramblings and to chart how our relationship has progressed really, also it has the added benefit that im allowed to write what i like without worrying that it will incur punishment if i say something inappropriate (although i suspect that would go out the window if i went too far).


  1. ok but how can you honestly enjoy a relationship thayts one sided, what do you get out of it?

    wont you hate him for hurting you really bad

  2. sorry but it sounds like its abuse