Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday 24th February

Intelligence is important to me because i enjoy listening to people who are interesting and knowledgeable, i like learning about new things as i tend to have an active mind sometimes to the point where i get distracted very easily and flitter from one subject to the next if it catches my interest. Outside of bdsm (in vanilla life) i tend to surround myself with people who are reasonably intelligent and able to hold thought provoking conversations, im not interested in celebrity gossip or trivia although yes i admit i do like a good gossip with my girly friends and enjoy having a laugh with them.

It also depends on how you define intelligence, is it based on how many qualifications someone has? or what their IQ is? Personally this holds no importance to me, some of my closest friends have no formal qualifications yet they are interesting and often engage me in a good topical debate (they know i love a good debate). Im not claiming that im really intelligent, im not but i can converse confidently and what i dont know about a subject im not afraid to admit to not knowing and i like to learn, listening and being willing/wanting to broaden your knowledge is what is important to me.

As to being dominated by someone intelligent, yes this is definitley of importance to me, i couldnt have respect for someone who holds no value for knowledge, He is more intelligent than me and interests me (outside of bdsm) as well as in of course. Although on a lighter note it can be frustrating as it often seems like He has an answer for everything, everytime i think i have a good valid argument He shoots it down in minutes.

Its late now so i will try to reply to your other question tomorrow.

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