Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday 25th February

I understand what you mean about how we all have to start somewhere, as of course i did myself, i think it is easier for a submissive starting out than it is for a Dominant simply because i would say in most cases submissives would seek someone with experience. This certainly applied to me, i wanted someone that was confident in their abilities and themselves and this i believe comes with experience, and also because i was unsure of what my own abilities were (it is all very well fantasizing about being dominated and being in pain etc but the reality could have proved too much). First time round on looking for someone i didnt place much importance on experience, i dont regret my first experiences even though it didnt work out because it confirmed to me that i was indeed submissive and i enjoyed being dominated , it didnt work because we wasnt compatible and i do believe now that i had or would have outgrown him in the respect that i wanted to be taken a lot further than i know he was capable of.

So when i eventually started seeking again it was very important to me that it be with somone who was experienced and at the least open minded, someone who i could tell my darkest fantasisies to and they wouldnt run a mile freaking out, i got lucky, very lucky i met Him and cliche i know but i trusted Him almost immediatley and i also trusted my gut instinct, it felt right and well it was and is. Age well yes thats important to me but then i have always even in vanilla life preferred the older man, as i said before in the post you originally referred to i wouldnt have considered anyone younger than myself no matter how nice they may have been, it would have been a polite thanks but no thanks. So i guess you could say that makes me ageist and even now if mixing with other couples and anyone that we may do in the future my preference is a lot older than me the only difference now is i dont have a choice, thats up to Him.


  1. yes I can see that makes sense, would you talk to me on Yahoo messenger if you have it?

    But I do have another question (sorry) You said before that you wouldnt switch roles, but dont you ever get the urge to or physically fight back?


  2. hi, i would prefer not to use yahoo messenger, the reason being im very sceptical of whom im talking to, no offence but come accross to many fakes and its made me defensive.

    as i said im happy to respond to your comments, i have a feeling there is going to be quite a few? You would probably find a lot of answers to your questions on the many bdsm sites there are around i can recommens one you dont have to sign up but can view content as a guest