Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Going down

Its been a really busy time at work, ready for breaking up for the summer holidays in a few weeks, plus my son has been finishing up his GCSE's as its his last year at school before starting college in September and my daughter moves up to secondary school in September so they have had lots going on.

My daughter gave me a chuckle when she came home and informed me "mum, you know daniel at school?, his dad is half gay." so a conversation followed about the correct term being bisexual, and an explanation of what this means..i simply explained that its when someone is happy to have a relationship with either a man or a which she replied..

"why cant they just make their minds up and not be so fussy" and promptly went off to play.
..phew! but it made me think

I dont consider myself bisexual, although the bossman would disagree in that he says i am, and yes i have sexually been with women for his pleasure.  My point of view is that i would not seek out to be with a woman, for a relationship or intimately to be blunt i prefer cock, i can appreciate a good looking woman but i have not felt sexual attraction towards them.

What i have enjoyed on the times i have been with a woman (and its been years) is that its been about my Masters pleasure, he enjoyed watching, he especially enjoyed knowing that i found it distasteful but i would submit to this for please him.

It took me out of my comfort zone, and that turned me on even though i didnt want it to, i wanted to prove to him that i wasnt wired that way, that being with a woman isnt for me, and its not....its simply his control over me and this being a demonstration of a way he could exert that control over me is what did it for me....and still does it for me....i simply enjoy knowing he can exert his will over me, even when i dont want to go where he takes me..wherever that might be...thats my enjoyment.


  1. make up their minds..not be so fussy!! priceless lol.

    1. i know! it had me laughing..out the mouth of babes lol


  2. It took Master a long ass time to finally realize how straight I am. To the point where we can make jokes about it. I think part of the reason it was so difficult for him was because I would play with other girls, but never do anything sexual with them.

    Boobs may be pretty, but anything to do with them just shuts down the sexual part of my brain.

  3. Yeah its not for me, as i said i have done it for him and i got off on having no choice but its not something i would choose to do off my own back.