Monday, 22 October 2012

A blob of modelling clay

I used to think that manipulation in D/s was not a good thing, the whole idea of being manipulated just conjures up negative imagary, but he does manipulate me but like an artist with clay, my submission is moulded, shaped, stretched, bits removed, maybe bits added until we are both happy with the results.

I am pliable under his hands, he knows where to press to get me where he wants, he reads me so well i cant deny him but i cant deny myself either, i want to, i dont always want to admit i enjoy some of the things he does to me or has me do but we both know i love it no matter how much i protest otherwise.

These relationships can be so intense the lines between right and wrong can appear blurry, he has taught me that that there is nothing wrong with my desires even though some of them disturb me, my submission to him is unconditional and i know he wouldnt abuse that, use it and manipulate it to his advantage yes.

But im willing and complicit, my own mind is capable of thinking up the most nastiest of ways for him to hurt and debase me and he draws them out and has never made me feel shamed by what thoughts are in my head, he encourages them and sometimes he makes them reality.

Dont always enjoy the reality as much i enjoy what i thought in my head, i dont, i tell him that and he laughs...we both know thats not the truth.


  1. tori,

    I agree with your comments especially the last one about reality vs. "fantasy."


    1. hi joey

      yep sometimes reality doesnt quite match what my fantasy imagined it to be like!


  2. I can name one thing you really hate. Whats it worth to keep me quiet? lmfao

    Catch you later?


    1. just one! shows how much you listen to me, lol i can name 4 off the top of my head.

      I may be around tonight, not sure xx

  3. Oh, I totally get where you are coming from. Sometimes when I am in exaclty the right place I will tell him some of those fantasies and in some instances he admits that those are somethings he would never do but he never makes me feel bad about it. Of course the things he would never do sometimes evolve into things he would do, which can be tough but also leave you craving more.