Tuesday, 24 January 2012

saying "no" to you is not a good idea...new mantra!!!

yay im back

I miss the blog because its something to look back on, i have since re-read from the beginnning and after the weekend we have just had it all seems irrelevant, i mean this weekend was a turning point for me and i think it warrants being remembered...for good reasons as well as the negative.

This is going to be a long one so definitley more than one post. I knew i was going to be punished and i was worried but not overly so, enough to know it was going to hurt but i never expected you to be so cruel, had i known i wouldnt have been looking forward to the weekend at all. When we got to the room and you said you needed to pee i immediatley started to complain that would mean having to get undressed and showered before going out to the dungeon later which didnt suit me, i saw it as being a hassle. You smacked my face hard and i didnt see that coming and your mood changed completley and i wasnt quite sure intitially how to respond i havent as far as i can recall known you to turn so quickly and it threw me off balance.

You was definitley not in a mood to be argued with that i did pick up on, i was scared but this time was different i thought i had been scared before but this time i had damn good reason to be scared. You made it clear that you have had enough of my attitute, i cant remember your words exactly but the gist of it was enough and my only reaction was to beg, to try to say something anything to put you back in a better mood but nothing i said mattered i had pushed way too far this time. You had me take off my upper clothing so my back was bare and i was knelt on the floor over the bed where you used the multi tailed whip on my back, i dont particularly like this whip but i hate it on my back....i dont tend to handle anything on my back it is by far my weakest area to be hit on. I was begging and desperatly trying to move out of position to try to plead with you but fuck me you was determined and wouldnt stop until you was satisfied. I dont like looking you in the eye when im being beaten or immediately after because i know i can be defiant and my eyes show it and also if im honest i dont like showing that that you have got to me so to avoid you picking up on this i will tend to look down but you insisted i look at you, my relectance got me another smack accross the face and more with the whip..this was all completley new and i can honestly say i didnt like it.

You had me lick your feet this i do love, i relish worshipping your feet which funnily enough originally it was something i could take or leave its not something i see as sexual in nature but rather it leaves me humbled in a content way and its now something i need to do every time we are together, if denied i think i would be inclined to think along the lines that i have displeased you in some way..licking your feet has become important to me..simply put it denotes my status.

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