Friday, 27 January 2012

oops i did it again!!!

I have realised that last weekend i broke everyone of my new years resolutions...well in all fairness are they not meant to be made to be broken?  I only had 3

to be respectfull at all times

to not attempt in any way to get out or negotiate a punishment

to obey immediatley without question or resistance of any kind

thats not too good is it really considering we havent even got to February yet and i broke them all in one day.....that has to be a record surely!!!

However its these 3 areas that i know i have to work on, i know its what would please him and make me a better slave which is what we both want.  Im going to have a think on these and how i can improve, i want to tell him how sorry i am for how i behaved but i cant because he has heard it too many times so why should it make a difference now...i can only be patient and prove in time that i am sorry by succeeding in these areas.......the challenge is now on....cue dramatic music!!!!


  1. I read the comment u made on the other slaves blog and in many ways I agree and then you made this post. You are saying with those resaloutions that is how a slave should be so doesnt that make you a hippocrite?

    just sayin

  2. I think perhaps you might want to re-read this post. At no point do i state that the resolutions i have made apply to how a slave should be!

    They are what i know i need to improve on and what my Owner expects from me as HIS slave and thats my only concern, how other slaves behave what there allowed or not etc is between them and their Master and im sure there will be differences as well as similarities.