Tuesday, 24 January 2012

the dungeon

I didnt want to get out the damn car, i had a taster of the mood you was in and i didnt like it, i was trying to make light of it but i was bloody scared and this was even worse...you had toys and no worry about noise to interfere with what you wanted. When we got shown to the smaller room rather than the one we normally use my immediate thought was there are no whips in here it didnt cross my mind that she would get what was requested even though it was obvious that would happen....at this point i was just seeing every get out possible, the only bright moment at this point is she didnt come back with a single tail. It didnt start off very well i remember protesting not wanting to take my clothes off and get over the bench (not the smartest move), so when i did i was close to tears already and you hadnt even started.

Its pretty much a blur i had got myself so worked up that i cant easily recall i remember getting the whip on my back as punishment for being disrespectful and that fucking hurt, i was struggling to get free and begging but you wouldnt stop. I would have promised anything just for it too stop. I do remember the caning, and i do love that large cane (really want one of those..please Sir?) it took me longer than usual to settle into the caning i think because i was worked up but once i started to relax it was very enjoyable and i was begging you to fuck my ass..had i realised the type of lube you was going to use i wouldnt have bothered, it burnt and was not a pleasurable sensation and it seemed to take forever to stop. You used the magic wand on me next.... this and the caning was the only pleasurable parts of the dungeon visit and i squirted on the floor.

I recall being told to get something i think it was the cane the one i dont like and i said no so you picked up the whip and told me to stand against the whipping frame to which i refused and the pleading started but as before you wasnt having it. My fear at this point had gone beyond being rational and i was getting frustrated because i know when it comes to the whip i cant keep still its not that i choose to move from position to piss you off or to intentionally disobey you i just cant keep myself there and if i have to be whipped i would prefer to be restrained. You was issuing threats of what would happen if i did move which was making me worse because you wouldnt listen to me and i did move after the second stroke and proceeded to tell you i wasnt getting back into position. At this point it was an internal battle with myself because i was fighting against telling you to go fuck yourself but also wanting to obey you which i did eventually but only because the alternative could have had been more detrimental in the long term, i was angry and upset and at that moment i genuinely didnt like you and agreed with whatever you said just for the sake of it not because i meant it.

Afterwards you had me suck your dick and for the first time i didnt want to, i was crying, pissed off and your needs was the last thing i cared about, in my mind i didnt deserve it i had agreed i did because its what you wanted to hear. Usually when you beat me it puts me in a more submissive state of mind and im more subservient this time i was just angry and upset.... it started off badly and ended badly and thats what i didnt like the most and made me have the attitude afterwards.

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